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Hello everyone,
Today I want to tell you on how I built the experimental EDF Jet from Project Air.
I got really carried away by this airplane. I wanted to built something with an Edf so I decided to do it.
At the beginning I printed out the plans for wing, elevator (modified a bit) and rudder ( also a bit modified) from flite test‘s Mic 3. Draw it onto foamboard, cut it out and hotglued it together. (I used the recommended wooden spar). Then it was time to design the fuselage. This took some time as I wanted to get the specific design James‘ had. At the end of the day I had a nice fuselage which I was happy with.
So the basic things are finished. Lets crack on with the electronics. I used a 64 mm instead of an 70mm edf. More details further down. I desigend mounts and 3d printed them out. ( STL files on request). The width of the controllrods are 1,5 mm.


Now some numbers:

Wingspan: 105cm
Length: 88cm (Fuselage: 78cm)
Weight: 620g without battery
Elevator: shortend to 34,5 cm
Height: 21,5cm

EDF: (FMS) 64mm; 3150 kV; 1150g thrust; 11 blades
ESC: 60A Yuki model; only got it working with 5V regulator
Reciever: 4x 9g
Battery: 4s 14,8V 2400mAh

Feel free to ask what you want to know.
Hope you guys enjoyed it
See you
Daniel from Munich


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That looks really good!!!

A thrust tube might help you get some more thrust out of your EDF.

Good luck with your maiden!!


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How much thrust you get from an EDF depends on the speed the plane flies at.
A 'bare' EDF with a bell mouth inlet is intended to give the maximum static thrust however as the plane's airspeed rises the bell mouth itself creates more drag than the extra thrust it creates.
A thrust tube tends to have the opposite effect. It may not give an increased static thrust but when correctly proportioned it will increase the air exit velocity and thus give more thrust at speed.

Of course an EDF on a slow flying plane is a particularly efficient way of converting the batteries energy into thrust.
6 minutes with an EDF and you are doing well but close to an hour with an efficient prop set up! ;)


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Wow this looks so good! Amazing job on the build and building something identical to my design with no plans! That’s some skill right there. Looking forward to seeing what else you come up with Daniel. Sorry I didn’t make plans for this one 😂