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Quad Flying issues.


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I have built my first RC quad copter in hopes for it to fly. When i went outside to fly it I unfortunately found it was not flying. I put the throttle up all the way and it didn't even come of the ground an inch. I also noticed the nose cone which hold the prop on the motor is coming of. It is only coming of on the CW spinning motors. I don't think that is the main problem because it takes about a minute for the nose cone to come of. As you guys see I am a complete beginner to RC aircraft so could you guys help me out.

Here are the parts I am using ...
Turnigy 25 amp speed controllers
KK2 flight controller
NTM Prop Drive Series 28-26A 1200kv / 250w motors
Slow Fly Electric Prop 8045



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Hi Bobo,

to start with, a short checklist

- are your motors running in the right direction? CW, CCW, CW, CCW (or at least in the way your controller board expects them to turn?), check WITHOUT props on!

- if so, do your props match the motors (CCW motors needs a different kind of prop than CW motors), otherwise thrust is reversed..

- if these match: are all props mounted right side up, with the print (size etc) upward?, if upside down, thrust IS in the right direction, but much less efficient.

PS, just to make sure: Is your battery a 3S?
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Also, your motors have to be connected to your flight board in the correct order.

#1 front left
#2 front right
#3 back right
#4 back left

I had #3 and #4 backward the first time I hooked mine up.


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How do you find out which way is front or back. Do you just choose or is there a specific way to find out.


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How do you find out which way is front or back. Do you just choose or is there a specific way to find out.
You just choose which way you want to be the front and then set it up that way. On my tricopter, I added a cut up pool noodle that looks like a fuselage and have it pointing off the front. It helps with two things. First it helps protect my electronics and second it helps with orientation in the air. You can see its silhouette on my avatar.


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You also need to pay attention to the KK2 board because it's direction makes a difference!
It's buttons go behind the screen so if you are looking down at your quad, the buttons closest to you, the front is facing away from you...
There is also an arrow on the under-side of the board showing which way is forward.


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I have checked the directions of the motors and if the props are upside down or not but the quad still doesn't seem to fly. Also is there a specific order to connect the motors to the KK2 (How do you know if they are in the right order. Does it have to be based on the direction of the KK2 board).
I will try to get you guys some pictures or videos of the quad soon.