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Question on Motor and ESC replacement

Jason of Gaming

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I broke the front right arm on my Eachine Falcon 250 Pro and banged up the motor too, from the sound of it. I have to replace the arm and I am going to replace the motor too. The ESC (all the motors and ESCs are stock) should be just fine and I want to keep it. If I buy a new motor should I solder it to the old motor wires, or cut the heat shrink off the ESC and solder straight to it? Or is their a connector I don't know about? Any help appreciated, thanks!
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Thanks, so I should cut back the ESC heatshrink and replace it? Do I need to order heat shrink?
That depends on how clean you want it to look in the end. If you don't mind things looking a little messy, there is nothing wrong with cutting the heat shrink, soldering & then taping it back up. Use something non-conductive like electrical tape. If this sounds ok to you, don't cut the heat shrink all the way off & you won't have messy adhesive all over your ESC - just the heat shrink.



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Be quick when you solder to an ESC. Remove old solder, re-tin the pads, tin the new motor leads (remove any enamel on those leads) and don't keep your iron on the ESC for long.

Trust me on this. Overheating ESCs sucks.

When you are done, use a smokestopper to test your work. :)