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Full Circle
When will Hobby King release the video of the race they did that we voted for who was going to be the winner of that race? Or is there not going to be any video? or was it only live video?


Senior Member
*Cough* Big Hobbyking Fail *Cough*

But seriously - I tweeted them several times and what I got is "We are editing the race to make it family friendly to watch."
Looks like they aren't planing on releasing it any time soon....


Propaganda machine
I think the race happened in their back warehouse and is being shipped to the front warehouse for packing. Sorry for inconvenience!

But in all seriousness, I don't think the race happened as planned, as Anthony was quite sick over the Christmas period. They might have had the race later, once everyone got back from New Years holiday, but then there's not a lot of time for them to edit. I'm hoping they'll still put one up on the web, but I doubt they will.