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Rascal CNC

I found these W2-ZZ bearings on AliExpress this evening which according to the spec sheet are an RM2-RS bearing replacement.

The ones in the spreadsheet currently sell on Amazon for $49.95 for a pack of 16, and these currently sell for $1.31/ea plus S&H, which put this at $33.23 for all 16 with S&H to the Los Angeles area. Granted, the estimated delivery date is a month away... so clearly Amazon wins out there... but I am waiting ordering stuff from AliExpress for the build which I have to wait for anyway. For ~$18 less it's worth a shot to me.

Just thought I would share this finding in the thread. :)
While I am waiting for hardware and parts and to arrive... I am curious if anyone has added end stop switches to their Rascal? It seems like it would be an easy thing to add, and openbuilds has a Micro Limit Switch Kit which they claim fits in the C-Beam.
I did add end stop switches similar to the ones you linked to. They are pretty straight forward to install and super helpful and even make the machine safer to use. The wiring is the only hard part. Here’s a link to the setup. https://github.com/gnea/grbl/wiki/Wiring-Limit-Switches I used the normally-closed switch circuit without any of the noise reducing circuit. There is too much noise to use hard limits but they work great for homing and soft limits. Hope this helps.
@TB RC Thanks, the link is super helpful!

I ended up getting switches for the x and y axis -- but skipped the z axis. My thinking is that the range of motion for that axis is going to be pretty limited, and is relative to the thickness of the material being cut plus the spoil-board anyway. I figure it's a cheap thing to add if I later realize it would be a good idea.
I received my C-Beam the other day and I am wondering if OpenBuilds has improved the quality control on the cutting of the product. I just checked the ends against my square and to my surprise, with exception to one corner being about .25mm high an another corner on a different 1000mm piece even less than that, they were are all fairly true.

I quickly hit the high spots with some 120 grit sandpaper using my multitool and now it looks to be about .1mm. Without milling the ends I don't think I can get much better. Overall, I am pretty happy with the factory cuts I received. I was worried that would be more of a pain in the butt then it turned out to be.
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