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RC Gyrocopter


How low can you go?
Hello everybody,

I'm Jasper and I'm 17 years old and I come from Europe (Belgium). For my thesis I want to make a radiocontrolled autogyro or a gyrocopter. We want to equip this model with a FPV system and a GPS system (for mesuring the speed of the model). I have never done FPV, so it will be exciting to try it on a gyrocopter.

I used the plans from this thread:

I started with the build and all the parts I use are from Hobbyking. (carbon, glass fiber, motor, servos, lipos, ...)


All the materials:


This has to be the finished project:

Later we want to make a replica of the Cierva C30A with a rotor diameter of 2 meters (we aren't sure of the size). We want to equip this model with a pre-rotator system.


Maybe flitestest can review the autogyro of Hobbyking:

Stay tuned for updates!
And I want to encourage people to make a gyrocopter like me!
Feel free to post any ideas or comments.

(our blog in dutch: http://gyrocopter.blog.com/)


Helicopter addict
Nice man! Have you flown at all before? Have you flown autogyros? They're quite a handful I must say. If you're inexperienced, I'd recommend getting the HK auto-g(2) and practice flying before anything else. I've got a topic on something similar. Shameless plug.

The pusher designs are even harder to fly, from what I've heard.