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Receiver advice for AnyLink transmitter


Junior Member
Dear all,

I am super excited to have ordered the swappable speed built kit (3 models!) and the electronics kit from Lazerytoys! I can't wait for the package to arrive. In the mean, I am building an FT Flyer from scratch to keep me busy.

I am looking for advice on what receiver to get... I have a couple of Futuba 6CH transmitter/RX that I use for my glow planes and recently added an Anylink transmitter for a Flyzone foamie - great fun with that by the way.

Anyway, I was wondering if I should attempt to use my (very old) Futuba 6ch receivers with the FT swappable or get a Tactic receiver? I am leaning towards getting a Tactic receiver but which model? Would a TR-625 or TR-624 be okay to use in the swappable? If not, what else could I be looking at?


Stephane Quevillon


Junior Member
Going for the TR-624

Either one will work, I don't believe you should have any issues with weight or range with those two choices.
I got the two pack TR-624 Tactic receiver from a local hobby shop, now if Lazertoyz can only ship my order soon! I ordered the swappable electronic kit on Feb 24 and nothing shipped yet. I wonder if that is normal delays for them?