Rocket Launched Powered FPV Glider!


Out of all the flitetest episodes I have watched I'm yet to see any rockets! They fly too so don't discriminate.

To make it interesting, because to be honest once it goes Pssssffft it gets kind of dull!
- Have Bixler tow it as high as he can see with something epic (Haven't seen many multi-prop planes on flitetest - ???B52 Scratchbuilt EDF???).
- Josh Scott press the button that makes it release then "Go Baby GoGo!" Psssfffft (or BOOM if it goes pear shaped)
- And finally via FPV wired to a Gold Goggled RCExplorer he could steer the RPG (Rocket Propelled Glider) into the stratosphere, or at least a little bit higher. Its time to send the FT alien home (not really, I love that little guy)

Would be good to capture another form of flight, also to show off how good you can make FPV work. FliteTest is also about due for a decent explosion.:black_eyed:

There is potential for a whole series of builds around this from the B52 though to the RPG, and also extreem FVP setups.


Launch it out of a 6" diameter tube and they are a winner of my challenge!

PS-don't forget to put your AMA proof jacket on when that video hits the internet. This is VERY frowned upon by those guys.


:applause: Good idea if I had the money for all that stuff I would do that. (Suriously, no one has that money)