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Scratch Build Candidate

The winner of the 2014 SEFF Southeast Electric Flight Festival Best New Aircraft is a model called the Giant Norman. It is a laser cut balsa and plywood traditional build with Monokote type covering and an 84" wingspan and 12-18 lbs weight. The model was very popular at the time but the designer had many requests for a smaller version, which is how the Normal Norman was born. This one has a 49" wingspan and is made from EPP foam. Normal is a 3 channel model but there is now a 4 channel version available called the Nifty Norman. This one appears to be a good candidate for a foam board scratch build project. More tips and foam board stuff at: https://foamboardflyers.com/ Kits available at: http://lainesplanes.com/index.html

norman-1.jpg norman-2.jpg norman-3.jpg norman-laines-planes.jpeg



Well-known member
Now that looks like a fun project. It looks like it would work over to foamboard really well and I really love those massive wheels too. Looks like it would do touch and go's all day long. That cow moo slayed me😜🤣.