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Spektrum Dxe Programming Connection Problems

I have the spektrum dxe transmitter and I am attempting to program via SamsungGalaxy S7(android app). I have the cable for the audio port but I am not able connect/transfer the settings from the transmitter to the phone to get started. Has anyone had an luck with the android app and dxe transmitter or has any idea what the problem is?

I have almost the same set-up with a DXe and a Galaxy S7. So far I have nothing but frustration.

I think you need to connect to the PC first to update the software to version 1.6 before you can use the Android app. I was unable to update using the Spektrum PC based updater software, but I was able to do the update in the Spectrum Programmer PC software. This is all via the SPMA3065 USB to three wire interface cable. After updating the software I am locked out of the PC based software (which seemed very limited in function) because version 1.6 does not support the PC interface, and I saw a warning that it is impossible to go back to version 1.3 after loading 1.6. So next I plugged into my phone with the same cable and a USB to micro USB adapter, the result is that the phone recognized the cable, but there seems to be no connection to the transmitter. So until spektrum releases some updates to their software, I am basically stuck with a transmitter that can only fly one model on the default settings.

I probably works OK if you are buying it with a recent Horizon Bind and Fly product, but this is not a radio I would recommend to someone who might expand their collection or get into building models.
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update: I was able to connect to the transmitter via the app. You have to connect the cable, then open the app, then after getting your two messages from Android about communication on the USB device, then you can switch on the transmitter. If you exit the app by accidentally pressing the back button on your phone, be sure to switch off the transmitter before re-starting the app.

There are two almost invisible buttons at the top of the screen to switch between "settings" and "models". Settings mode is what you see when you start the app. Models mode is where you select which model you want to control, or add one new.

From my PC I attempted to upload the DXe setup from Spektrum called "Models Requiring CH6 for Flap Switch", but I got the same error from the uploader software that I had when trying to update the transmitter software. I think it would have been possible to do this through the PC programmer software if I had not updated to TX software version 1.6. There seems to be no way to do this via the phone app. This indicates to me that updating to 1.6 also locks you out of the ability to add other pre-programmed BNF models.

At least now I have figured out how to use this as a basic 4 channel transmitter for multiple models.

Parker37 I am really curious if you are able to get a connection to your phone without updating the TX software to version 1.6. It seems the "advanced programming" features that are supposed to be unlocked by upgrading to 1.6 are actually functioning.
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Sorry to revive an old thread but, I am trying to navigate the process for using my iPhone to interface with my dxe. I have to register my RX first but I cannot for the life of me get the spektrum updater to work. It says "cable connected no device." I have yet to find anything on the web solving this issue. Any ideas???