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The Beater (just retired...)

Hello everyone,
I've been off the pages for a few days getting caught up with life. I did want to post a quick highlight on one of my favorite planes. I purchased two UMX Sport Cub Ss at the beginning of the year and successfully burned up one receiver already (was adapting some 280 mahs... unsucessfully). This left me with a perfectly good plane with nothing to do with it. I had a non AS3X micro board reserved for a balsa BF-109 I'm building. So, after some hacking, gluing, and crashing I have now what you see before you now. The motor is a Hubsan 1806 spinning a 5x4x3. It loves these generic 400mah 2s's. Needless to say its very strong and has no problems getting away from you fast. I successfully ripped the bottom half of the rudder off this afternoon trying to get it out of another tree. Amazon has some good deals on body parts so i'll probably try getting her back in shape the factory way... maybe.
I just want to stress to everyone getting into this hobby that you want a plane like this one in your fleet at all times. Keep it going, never let it sit (or you'll never fix the ugly SOB). But on that crisp morning when the grass is still wet and the wind is non-existant, grab that Beater. Spend all month building a gorgeous scale war bird just to find out you never ordered props, grab that beater. Smash said war bird into the side of your wife's Dodge, grab that beater (and move her truck). Point being, you always want that plane you can grab at any time, charge in minutes, and fly anywhere. Before this last crash mine flew like a Labrador Retriever runs. But it was fun, strong, and flew 12 min on a charge. I've already nominated a new bird as my beater while fixing this one up. I'll be posting a semi-build article on it tonight as well.
Keep flying and don't build anything you're too scared to crash!