Thinking of trying out FPV...sort of...


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I'll beg to differ on the super-cheap AIOs. Some might be garbage, but I've been really happy with mine. Yes, it's not the best picture and it cannot record. But it's a great starter cam, and it can always ride along next to an action cam for recording.

Mine is a Wolfwhoop WT03. $20CAD and it weighs 5 grams all in! I tried hooking it up to the ESC supply on my Explorer today, and there was no change from running its own battery. However, at 5 grams, you can hook up a small 1s and mount it on literally anything without adjusting your CG. I just cut a little piece of foam to slide the lens into, and that's it for the mount.

It comes with a stock RHCP cloverleaf soldered on. I took it out to almost 1km today with only a pair of omnis on my goggles (pagoda/dipole).

These little guys are so simple, small and cheap that I'd recommend them to anyone, especially if you want to do some aggressive flying. Mine has been crashed hard a couple times, and it's so light that it is either ejected or sits there unharmed. If I did wreck it... $20