Tiny Trainer build question


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Hi All! This is my first time posting here, though I've been lurking around for a few weeks trying to build up the courage to actually build something. After a fair bit of research, I've decided I want to give the Tiny Trainer a shot. It seems straightforward and like it would be a good first build and a good step up into 3 and then 4 channel RC.

My question about it relates to electronics. Rather than just buying a FT power pack, I want to try and piece together the parts for a few reasons. First, I know this will save some money. Second, I think trying to understand these components well enough to pick things that are compatible will help me build a better knowledge base and serve me well in the long run. Third, I just like having the choice and I never settle for ordering one thing when I could instead order 10. :)

Being completely new to the hobby, the electronic side of things is still complicated and somewhat nebulous for me. That being said, I've gone through and compiled a cart of what I think I need to complete the Tiny Trainer on HobbyKing. I'll toss a screenshot in here:

Screen Shot 2017-09-13 at 3.18.07 PM.png

Based on all of yalls expertise, does this look like it will work for me? Are there places where I really should spend more or places where I could cut some cost?

Keep in mind that as my first build, I'm sort of just looking for something that won't break the bank but that will function well enough to convince me to spend more on the next project. Aaaaalso, if the tiny trainer is the wrong model to go with or you see any gaping holes in my plan, please just let me know. I'm looking for any and all advice you're willing to give.



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I would order a different transmitter! For a decent all round performance, good price, and the ability to program upto 20 models I would chose the TGY iA6 which has a 2 antenna receiver. The Rx with its antenna mounted properly will not ever suffer from polarisation issues and unexpected signal loss.

The remainder should be fine enough to get you airborne.

Have fun!


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you should not experiment with hardware. its your first flight every change from you side makes thinks more difficult.
the motor is very near to min spec. you should buy a 250 class 1806 quad motor. with this you have also the possibility to go for 3s fun.

The Tx is also very minimal as hai-lee mentioned you should buy a Tx with Menu so you can change setting easily and also flight all kinds of models.
I suggest ebay for this. You get cheap stuff and buy later a good one of you choice.

You should see servos as consumable material. even expensive ones break easy. i bought a cheap 10th pack from ebay for 20 Dollar incl Tax and Ship.

And i bought Turnigy nano-tech 950mah 3S 25~50C Lipo Pack. its also very light weight and you dont wast money on 2s. just limit throttle and you have a 2s experience.


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Hey thanks for the advice! I'm taking it into consideration and will purchase the TGY iA6 instead of the hobbyking one.

Also I'll look into a larger motor!


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The ia6 is definitely the way to go. You can completely deck out most of the FT planes available with 6 channels.


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Whew that's good to hear. I've read some reviews on it now and it's looking great. New question, can anyone recommend a specific motor I should pick up? I've been browsing HK but the amount of choices is a little overwhelming. I think I want to go with the suggested 250 sized quad motor, but I really have no idea what I should be shooting for Kv wise. Also, I'm not really looking to go with something so powerful that it will be hard to manage. Any suggestions?