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Hi! I'm new to the hobby and on a university team to build an aircraft. I'm looking at radio systems and really like the DX6e transmitter for my needs.

For a receiver, I want a customizable fail-safe so that I can specify the rudder, aileron, and elevator positions if radio signal is lost.

Horizon Hobby suggested a Spektrum "PowerSafe" receiver but the prices for those are quite steep. I was looking at the Spektrum AR6600T and, if I read the manual correctly, it will give me what I want. Can someone confirm this?



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Ya, you can set failsafe positions with most Spektrum rx. I use the 6600 and I love it. If you have a voice capable tx you can get voltage readings called out every minute, after you install the voltage sensor wires by soldering into the speed controller battery plug.


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I little more info will help.
.Are you looking for radio to grow into with expandable capability or a less expensive unit to just get your feet wet with?


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If you are worried about prices for the Spektrum receivers, LemonRX makes *knock off* receivers that work specifically with Spektrum DSMX and DSM2, and most people around here seem to love those because they are only ~10 dollars each.
Not sure about failsafe though. Hopefully someone else can pitch in here....


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Many or most of the Lemon Rx receivers and all of the new Stabilizer PLUS receivers have programmable failsafe. Lemon is making great strides in Spektrum compatible receivers!


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Remarks and Flysky I6 (same radio and receiver) have programmable failsafe capability. Inexpensive radios that should s e r e well until some.out grow them. Have not heard a negative word about them and have heard much positive. Priced between $43 and $52, depending on where you buy. Might be worth a look