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*Unofficial* FT Legacy (Founders Plane)


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Well I got a few more things done last night - got my GoPro mount mounted to the top of the wing and made a little box from spare foam for the steel nose weights. I also got the window decals on but no pic of that.

20220313_212553.jpg 20220313_212601.jpg


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Well the weather was finally nice and the snow has mostly melted so I took her out for some taxi tests. She taxis nice, the tail wheel is a bit off so she pulls right a bit but that's an easy fix.



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So after some more taxi practice in the driveway today I've come to find that their idea to put a dab of hot glue to hold on the tail wheel was really dumb. Like would a 1/16" set screw collar really break the budget?


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Well I finally got it out for a maiden today. She flew real nice for about 15 seconds. A gust of wind hit and I overcorrected into the side of a brick building.

Damage - Broken #2 prop, crushed nose, bent RH landing gear leg, pushed the front wing mount skewer almost out of the fuselage, pushed both motor mount skewers back into the nacelles. Also stripped RH aileron servo - not sure of that was a result of the crash or not as there's zero damage to the aileron or anywhere near the servo.

Time to glue it back up and try again!



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Well after my crash I saw how weak the skewer wing mount is. It not only pushed the front skewer almost through the front of the fuselage but it broke the skewers as well. I bought some 6mm OD carbon tubes on Amazon and cut one in half. I also designed up some bracing which I hot glued inside the fuselage. This should be MUCH stronger going forward.


I also pulled apart my old Sharper Image DX-4 drone which quit working so I could take the FPV camera module out and try to use it with the Legacy. It power up fine on 3.7v and I can connect my phone to the camera's wifi network but the 360 Flight app refuses to load. I starts and instantly crashes out. Looking at reviews on the Play store this is a very common problem dating back to 2017 with no fix. Oh well. It was a good idea I guess lol.


Then I hopped off to my favorite local brewery and had a couple delicious drafts along with some amazing lobster tacos from a food truck.



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The BBQ skewers are a poor choice for wing mount on any of the larger FT planes. I built my Legacy using chopsticks for the rubber band wing mounts with 3D printed reinforcements inside and out. They are solid.
Ooh, time for my tri motor dreams
Yes, that would be my intimate pipe dream: three engines, three rudders, add a triangle to the 'cockpit' part of the upper front fuselage to make it look like the front windshield is sloped forward 1930's style.... And then spray paint the whole thing silver metallic.