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Pumpkin drop event

Versa Wings - ready for combat


Junior Member
I did another scratch build versa wing using the black dollar tree foam board for a buddy of mine. So hopefully in the next few days we will get out for some combat. I wanna give him some time to get used to it a bit first. We call his the Black Mamba, but we will see which one strikes first for the kill.

I love the FliteTest gang, the whole concept is so amazing, I am such a better pilot from the fact I can relax and try stuff, knowing besides the rare occasion when the crash will mess up motor/electronics - that I can rebuild with a couple dollars worth of foam board. I got a great deal on the Detrum 70mm EDF from Hobby Partz that I am looking on putting together a Viggen coming up soon.

For now I got the versa wing scratch build down, I just saw the snub nose article, I did my own snub nose, it's not as much front service area, it basically designed to fit the GoPro Hero3 with a inch 1/2 or so on each side. Ordered a stack of the $2-$3 9g servos from hobby king, so I keep a couple versa wings built up to the point where it's taped, glued and the servos are in - ready when these guys crash to move the motor, control horns, motor mount (if it survives the crash) to move over onto another Versa wing, I always like the pusher config for them, most crashes nose in and I had my last one through so many crashes that before I retired it the nose was a bit more round and quite spongey.


Thank's so much everyone at Flite Test