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What different parts do you use on your Tricopter?

what do you guys use to protect the eletronics ? what your quad cover look like ?

Im planning on using CD casing like every one, anyone have a different suggestion/Idea ?


Rotor Riot!
Hi guys,

I am interested in what other parts people use in their Tricopters compared to the "original" version found on Davids build.. http://www.rcexplorer.se/projects/tricopterv25/tricopterv25.html

I am interested in Esc, Motor and possibly anything else you may have modified/changed. I'd be interested in if you used something simple and cheap like a HK branded ESC or similar KV rated motor.
The DT750 Motors are excellent for the job - don't switch them out. I would use a cheaper non-digital servo though, maybe a MG90. My BlueBird servo (recommended by David) stripped a gear and later burnt up - so I'm stuck here without flying.

I haven't tried anything else, but you'll be sad when your expensive servo breaks in a crash...