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Help! What Motor/ESC/Batt for Mighty Mini Scout?


Junior Member
Hey I want to build the Mini Scout! I can't afford the Flite Test power pack.

Are there a few options that would be equivalent to fly the airplane?

Thanks so much!


Elite member
You can use any 5g servos, 1806/2400kv motor, 20-30A ESC, 6x4 prop. Battery wise the one recommended on the store is available else where, just don’t be tempted to get a lower C rating, get 40C.
You are still unlikely to get much change from $60 for all of it and the battery unless you buy a really garbage motor/esc combo.


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I get motors from ebay for around £10 or less. They might not be great quality, but I'm going to crash a lot as I learn, so cheap is good for now.

I got the esc from ebay too, these ones...

ZTW Beatles 20A BEC

Again, not too expensive.

The servos I got from amazon. You can get packs of 4 or 5 for around £10.

Im building the Scout as my next plane once I've finished the TT I'm doing now.


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