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Why your avatar?

I've been looking at the forum and almost everyone has user avatars and even very fun logos. Just out of curiosity... Why did you select this avatar? What does it mean?

I start with mine

It's a logo I designed for me, using my username in the articles section. HARDWORK comes from the way I have to look for solutions to be able to build with the few resources I can find. Because building airplanes here is definitely a hard work.

Please, post a bigger photo of your avatar on your comments :geek::geek::geek:
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My current avatar, which I've had for a while, is the V Sliver, a RET slender delta with dihedral wingtips, which is pretty much my first successful custom design. It's coming in at a ridiculous high alpha slow landing approach. Fun little plane, but needing to be both light and overpowered, not very "fuel efficient" with a 650 battery and 2806,1900 KV motor.
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Oh, and mine? Well my first 4ch plane was the Simple scout and I painted it up as a Hangar 9 ultra stick cause when I was building it, I set it on some floats I had built and thought it looked like the ultra stick. So I painted my plane like one and have been a fan of it ever since. I’m actually working on v2 right now. I was thinking about changing it to a pic of me and Josh and Alex but decided not to since it wouldn’t be “The Hangar” without that ultra stick!🤣


Hey, I'll come back when I am at the pc but for now, I'll say that this is Neko, king of the flying monkeys.

This all goes back to when I owned a Fly Baby that looked like a between the wars fighter so I made up this whole Schick about the Simion Volinter group,, like the AVG but no one had ever heard of them...


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When I was very young, I watched the opening salvo of Operation Desert Storm on a tiny black and white TV. A few years later, my Dad's friend took us to the Chicago Air and Water show to see the F-117 fly for the first time at an air show. He put me on his shoulders, let me wear his embroidered 37tfw crew chief jacket, and bought me a die cast model. Back at home, he told us all kinds of fascinating stories about the development of the Nighthawk. Almost 30 years later, it's still one of the coolest things I've ever seen/done. Thank you, Mr. *****

Ryan O.

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Mine is an image I photoshoped of a cat hanging on to a F-15 fighter jet. The background is the good old shark mouth. I made a 3d printed coin of it too. I have lost the original image, so will have to find it to enlarge. It was either this, A Boeing XF8B-1 (which is an aircraft I am obsessed with), or The Rabbit of Caerbannog from Monty Python that was related to planes (you can’t go wrong with Monty Python after all)