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Why your avatar?

I think I am the "Other Guy"!

Mine was chosen to suit my email account name and the simple fact that sadly I do not back down on much of anything! The original owner of the helmet would stand at point blank range and blast away at the police as he faced a police force that hated all Irish with a passion and believed they were all criminals. Having had my family also emigrate from Ireland, (from Scotland before that, from Denmark before that, from Scotland before that, from Ireland before that, and originally from Spain, all in just over 2000 years). It is time to stand my ground!

Have fun!
You sir are the other fella. Is your's as heavy as it looks? Mine is deceptively light looking. Pleasure to meet you sir! Fair skies.
My username is the name of an obscure but cool Tolkein character (who just so happens to be a giant eagle) so I took an image of an eagle and put my typical FPV expression on it when somebody tries to get my attention.
My pic is a logo I designed that started with an all family RC car racing team, consisting of my two sons, a nephew, cousins, son-in-law, and myself.
Team Addicted: It's In Our Blood!