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X-1000 Gyro not working with Futaba t7c


Junior Member
Futaba 7C with X-Gyro 1000
I did some research in the forum but couldn't find the answer.

I have a X-Gyro 1000 and a Futaba 7C but I cannot make them work together. For sure, the XG works because I tested with Real Flight 6.5 Interlink controller and the channels 6&7 of the simulator are responding upon the XG movement.

(I programmed the XG to CH 6&7 from the default 7&8)

I'm not very familiar with Futaba (I'm a Spektrum guy) but I think I followed the instructions.
- Enable Trainer - (The TX only shows INH and OFF and the manual states to set it OFF)
- Set CH6 & 7 in N or F mode

CH: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7
MD>- - - - - N N

Well... nothing happens.

I certainly keep the upper left switch (F) upwards to enable the trainer...nothing happens.

I dont have another Futaba to troubleshoot. Everything aims to the TX.

Other than that, the TX works fine. I highly doubt there is a problem with the Futaba and I blame some setting that I might be missing.

Thank you in. Advance.