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ZMR 250 Brain Fpv build


Junior Member
So I have tackled one problem, how to power the board. There is a 5v bec that will allow me to power the board through the servo pins. Also this works by using the pdb motor pads built in to the board as well.


Senior Member
looks good. which wire is supply the 5v to the brain FC? one of the white ones? i too will have to add 5v to my FC on my next project as the esc do not have the BEC. not sure which one is better but i guess from a weight point of view its better they do not have them built in.. because you will be adding 3 extra bec caps that are not needed. on the other hand a 12a esc does not weigh much anyhow.. so its one of them situations which depends on if your fav esc come with built in ESC i guess. seems right now the hot ESC on the market is the bee ( and if you are brave and rich, kiss 18a.. the kiss 30a seem to me much more durable and less prone to catching on fire. laughs ). few months ago it seems it was dys blheli. its interesting watching hardware advance and grow in front of our eyes.. as soon as something better comes its adopted quickly.



Junior Member
I am using DYS 20 amp opto escs not sure if they are Simon k or beheli lol. Also the max esc size you can have on here is 25 amps so that's something to consider as well.

The power for the board is coming from the two wires running to the right near where the buzzer is located. There is a 5v and ground port there.