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  1. K

    Wizard X220 betaflight 3.1.6 failsafe issue

    For some reason I can't get failsafe to kick in correctly. I've just flashed the latest betaflight and set it up per the Joshua Bardwell tutorial on YouTube. Instead of cutting out on TX loss, it seems to gradually spin up to full throttle. I'm using an FS-i6 TX with an FS-iA6 RX (all channels...
  2. X

    BeeBrain Flight Controller & BetaFlight - Input Delay

    Hello FT community, I just built my first quad and am having a few issues I don't know how to fix. The first being a pretty large delay between my transmitter and my quad. I'm using beta flight and a bee brain flight controller with a DX6. I'm not sure what setting will lower that delay. Also, I...
  3. M

    Mz-12 with Gr-18, setup with wizard x220, need help!

    I have a problem, as you can se in the video where more controlles is on the same channel, and can't se what i am doing wrong. Hopes that you can help me out.
  4. M

    ESC/ FC issues

    Hi guys, I've just finished my first build using the ft 210 frame, emax 2204-2300kv motors, emax 12a bheli escs, powerosd, X-racer F303, and turnigy i6 receiver. So when I went to program the escs on beta flight I couldn't get them to do anything, no beeps when I plug the battery in or...
  5. R

    Betaflight 3.0 tuning!!

    The last couple of months a lot people ask me questions on how I tune my quads. So finally I decided to make a tuning video! This is just a simple video where I show you my process while tuning. Hope this can help people!
  6. R

    Lumbermill FPV freestyle

    Yesterday we went to a lumbermill and flew there! This was a really fun spot to fly.
  7. R

    Purple grass part 2 FPV freestyle

    Yesterday i went back to my favorite flying spot!
  8. A

    Betaflight desync?

    I recently flashed betaflight 2.7.1 to my FC and now I'm running into a weird issue. The craft now rotates 90 degrees in the other axis after a flip or roll. So once I complete a roll, it will pitch down 90 degrees just after stopping the roll. It will also roll 90 degrees after completing a...