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FPV - Full setup for a noob?

Heya FliteTest community!

I have been pondering for ages about getting FPV but never really tried it myself. So it led me to ask the wounderful community in-which is you for guidance!

Basically i have there about £200 - $300 to spend on a FULL setup, including FPV gear and a plane without tx/rx!

I have already a monitor to use for FPV and my flying location is very open so I was thinking more 5.8GHZ but that was just my initial reaction when reading into it!

So to go with the FPV gear a plane is needed as my stryker has near enough bit the dust and all my other planes are lightwieght gliders, I was thinking of something like the epp-fpv but that has quite a hefty price tag, but i would like something that doesnt have to be used just for FPV but that you can play silly's with such as a good tow plane? or something to carry a bomb drop system etc.

Oh and finally the range needs to ideally be over 100 acres so about a 1 1/5 miles minimum! there is not many trees or obstructions either!

Thanks a bunch everyone for reading this it is much appreciated!

Have a nice day!


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You're going to have a hard time getting what you want, for the price you're asking. At the very least, I would recommend the Fat Sharks Predator V2 package, which has your video glasses and receiver built in, a 250 mw video transmitter, and a camera. It's an excellent entry level package, that is truly plug and play.

To get close to the range you're looking for you'll have to spend a little more on antennas. The stock ones will not give you 1.5 miles of range.

You can try getting into FPV for less. You mentioned you have a monitor that will work. Flite Test has some episodes on that.

In fact, they really have done a great job of covering most aspects of FPV in the episodes that have been collected here...


A growing list of vendors for FPV products can be found here.

well maybe 1.5 miles is a bit unresonable but i wouldnt mind having decent range ... like maybe atleast 500m is that reasonable also thanks for your advice!


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Aren't most full range control systems good for 1Km or so? You should be able to get at least that far with a 250mw Tx/Rx and cloverleafs, right? At least in a low noise/interference environment...