SBD Dauntless from scratch (Scale looking)

What accessories should I add under the wings?

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Hey, guys, I've been out of the hobby for a while, and it's time to come back. This time I'm going to go for my first really scale looking project, or at least something close to it.
These are some images that I found on the internet of the plastic kits with a really amazing finish. Of course, taking into account that my materials are really limited, I know that I will not be able to reach that level of realism, but at least I will try to make it as close as possible.
Wish me luck!

Scaleworks GG Tomás de la Fuente 002.jpg
Scaleworks GG Tomás de la Fuente 004.jpg
Scaleworks GG Tomás de la Fuente 005.jpg


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The paint I'm going to use is one I left over from when I painted the bathroom. Yeah, it's wall paint. We'll see if it works or if it's too heavy. I hope it doesn't.
I've been doing some tests on some of the scrap pieces and the result is quite encouraging.
I'll leave you some pictures of the process.
IMG_20200615_143232.jpg IMG_20200615_144827.jpg IMG_20200615_145023.jpg IMG_20200615_145333.jpg


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Step by step of the rudder construction. I hope the images are clear enough.
IMG_20200622_230208.jpg IMG_20200622_230224.jpg

I made several hinges from a piece of plastic. As the hole is pretty big for the piece i decide to use a pair for each hinge. Once i had all the pieces cut, i shaped it with a scissors.
IMG_20200622_230625.jpg IMG_20200622_231323.jpg

Checking all the bbq stick fits on the higes.
IMG_20200622_231354.jpg IMG_20200622_231356.jpg IMG_20200622_231504.jpg IMG_20200622_231507.jpg

I also made some foam holders to glue the bbq stick to the rudder skin. There are not picts of that, but after that, i sanded it to the right shape and glued the uper skin.
IMG_20200622_232731.jpg IMG_20200622_234104.jpg

I paint it with a white base paint and then aplied some masking tape and painting in red.
IMG_20200623_091406.jpg IMG_20200623_105630.jpg

Pencil touches to add more realism and some details.
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I am in love with TF power pod, so i use it in all my planes.
IMG_20200708_200538.jpg IMG_20200708_200623.jpg IMG_20200708_200639.jpg IMG_20200709_192651.jpg

The cowling is removable to extract the power pod. the dummy radial engine will be attached to this section.
There are 3 pieces of bbq sticks that prevent the cowl from move out while two magnets i will put latter, hold it in place.
See the 3 bbq stick pins and how they fit on the rear part of the cowl.
IMG_20200709_192718.jpg IMG_20200709_192723.jpg IMG_20200709_192712.jpg IMG_20200709_192749.jpg

Black or dark gray paint is required for the inside of the cowl to generate the effect.