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Hi, guys! For some time now I have been watching various threads of STOL aircraft building. I love the way the FT Simple Storch and FT Bushwacker fly, but I like the way real STOL planes looks. I'm a lover of scale model airplanes, even I haven't built one yet. Then, after my biloute trainer sadly passed into history, I was left with the desire to try out a stable but fun plane capable of making short takeoffs and landings on difficult runways. So i decided to go for something like the Durafly Tundra. I love how this plane looks, and i am sure this will be a really fun project.

So, these are the goals:
  • Make it scale looking (More or less, will add more details soon)
  • Adding lights (Done, but need to try it at night)
  • Make it swapable (Done)
  • Getting a STOL performance (Pending verification)
  • Make it as light as possible (Failed :ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO:, but it flies)
  • Make it fly (Done)
What I have so far (Will be updating this untill i finish it, so if u are new in this thread u could see which is the current state of the building)


After spending at least two weeks studying the manuals and photos of the Tunda, I got a simple 3-view plan and some cross sections. I I'll be using 5mm and 2mm depron for this. I started building two days ago and this is what i have so far.

1.jpg 2.jpg 3.jpg
This is a very wide fuselage, so it wont be a problem for placeing the electronic.

4.jpg 5.jpg
Tail is almost finished, just need to make the ruder and attach everythig.

a.jpg b.jpg
Just like the FT Bushwacker, the power pod has 2degrees right and down incidence.

The fuselaje cross sections are octagonals, so it is a big challenge to cover it. For covering i will be using 2mm depron.
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That's a beautifully done frame!!

How are you gonna do the V stab? Is what you have right now a frame for you to skin it?
Exactly, you're a good observer.
The upper fuselage skin should begin at the rear wing support and extend to the vertical stabilizer. I was thinking to do this with a simgle depron piece using a paper template first to get the right shape, but i think this will be less probably. I marked it on red to make it clear. Looks like a pretty close curve, but this is the main idea.


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This depron i am working with comes with a hard paper cover, like posterboard. It is from a propagande shop here in the city, so it is scratch. This paper skin weighs as much as the depron core... literally, i weighed it using a kitchen scale. So i must peal it off, but sometimes it became usefull. For example, the power pod mount is made with the original material, you can see the details here:

The vertical fin is made this way, and also some other important parts that need to be reinforcer like the landing gear support:

It adds a little more weight but it's worth it.


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I love STOL birds... first thing I did with my FMS beaver was get bigger wheels! (And I've got even larger ones to go on it now!)


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Main gear is done. Imade a mix between Tundra and Timber's landing gear system. (Look the next pictures)
turbo-4.jpg tundra-4-jpg_1465243254.jpg

This is what i made, 45g. The whole thing is made with bike spokes and umbrella ribs, also the holders are from the umbrella.
1.jpg 2.jpg 7.jpg

The landing gear mount was reinforced with several pieces of covered Depron, and will need lot of hot glue. This is where the landing gear fits
3.jpg 4.jpg

Look how small looks these wheels :ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO:. Of course, these are not the one i will use on it. I will made my own.
5.jpg 6.jpg


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Very cool. Is this modeled after the Hobbyking Tundra? I have one. Love that plane. Can't wait to see the finished product.
Yeah, well, something like that. I know there will be some differeces because i dont hace the Hobbyking Tundra plans, so i am making my best to get something like that. I am also planing to add some mods, like colision, landing and taxi lights and maybe slats.
Lets see how everythig goes. ;)


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Help please...
The thing is: i wolud like to add some lights... but i can't find a clear lighting scheme for this king of planes. The closest I've seen is the Timber.
efl5250_13.jpg EFL5250_a11-450_large.jpg

But what about the tail light???

Could someone help me with some real STOL airplane light diagram or something like that?????