1. 27-11-2018 - Family Flying Day [GoPro]

    27-11-2018 - Family Flying Day [GoPro]

    Family flying day. Started with training my son on the Simple Soarer 2 channels. Continued to flying a dorne with him and to wrap up the day took everyone to see me fly the TT with the sports wing 4 channels.
  2. A

    Use the gyro to control the ESCs in Betaflight

    Hi everyone, I am working on a free falling drone that could orient it self mid air using reaction wheels instead of propellers (this is my second post about it here) and I got some good advice to use a pre-made flight controller. So I just bought a Lumenier F4 AIO board with some ESCs and...
  3. A

    Using a IMU flight controller to control the orientation of a free falling robot

    Hey everyone! I am working on a project to build a robot that could control it's orientation while being thrown into the air (the robot is a small cube). The robot uses 3 reaction wheels to orient it's self mid-air. I am currently using a IMU and a Raspberry Pi 3 to process data and control the...
  4. D

    Help! Flightcontroller and Receiver not talking

    Hello! A little while ago I bought the darkmax 220, and recently I wanted to go from FlySky to FrSky. I got the receiver yesterday (XM+). Binding the receiver when without any real pain, I had to look up some video's on YouTube. But when I plug in my receiver to my quad it does not seem to talk...
  5. War Chest


  6. S

    Help! Calling All Quadcopter Drone Owners

    Share your opinions about your favorite drones with us! Rex WorldWide, an Illinois-based engineering firm, is determined to create new, cutting-edge quadcopter drone models and services for everyone, but we need your help. If you own or have owned a drone, let us know what you think of it...
  7. A

    Paid drone assembly

    Hello, I'm looking for a drone hardware store with some knowledgeable and handy technical people that will assemble a Betaflight drone from the parts that they sell. I will then need to be able to write a program that will control flight of the drone, and do some things in the air (be able to...
  8. T

    Minor crash and now my quad gets no input.

    So I powerlooped on an extremely flat battery (stupid) and couldn't pull out, so I plopped down relatively lightly in the grass. I didn't lose telemetry (lua, voltage, ex.), but the fc is getting no sbus signal. Connections are all good. I tried a different receiver, no luck. I also tried to...
  9. Snarls

    I'm Going Under (water)

    Not sure where to post this. Maybe better off on the Flotetest forum, but I guess scratch building is technically correct. I was thinking about ocean kayaking the other day (as you do), and had an idea. I am a recreational fisherman, and have always wondered what I could see under the surface...
  10. Power_Broker

    Experimental Arduino RC Plane Build Log

    Hey guys, I'm using this thread as a sort of build log for my next Arduino airplane. I've been working with UAV avionics as a hobbyist, intern, and university researcher for about 2 years now. This will be the first plane, though, that I will lay out exactly how all the systems come together...
  11. RC Lover

    Landing a Rocket Vertically, without Being a Billionaire

    Hi there, I've built and tested a prototype of the Rocket Drone (I'm currently patenting), equipped with a "hybrid" motor/engine. This could be an interesting way of retrieving the model rockets (water or pyro), without using the parachute. Please take a look at it and let me know your opinion...
  12. J

    Issue with New Gremlin

    So I have built up my new gremlin and it was flying fine for a couple weeks. Then I crashed really hard strait into a wall. Now the drone starts drifting really badly and I am not sure what to do. I have it soft mounted, tried recalibrating the acc. What else is there to do. It takes off fine...
  13. B

    Requesting Anything

    I am a high school student and I recently (September 2017) bought a $35 quad that can go pretty fast outside and I really enjoy flying and after that I now want to get a faster FPV quad, that I could learn to fly with. I don’t have anything yet besides the transmitter that came with that quad...
  14. C

    My first drone

    Hi, i want to build an racing drone but don't know what parts to buy.. i have selected some parts from Hobby king and was hoping someone could let me know if these will all work together and if not what will work instead. Also if there is anything else i need to get in the air...
  15. Snarls

    DJI Releases Mavic Air

    Today DJI released their newest drone, the Mavic Air. It is smaller than the Mavic Pro and larger than the Spark, but apparently folds to smaller than the Spark. I guess we now know why the Mavic Pro was not just called the Mavic. Here are a couple features: -4K 30fps video at 100 Mbps -3...
  16. F

    I want in:) drone parts, transmitter, googles Help!

    Im kinda new to the drone scene I had a couple a few years ago and had to sell everything because I lost my job and needed to pay those damn bills! Lol this year Im trying to get back into it. I just bought the Blade Inductrix FVP and I love it. money is of course tight but I did build my first...
  17. F

    Looking for parts to build a drone, transmitter, googles

    Im kinda new to the drone scene I had a couple a few years ago and had to sell everything because I lost my job and needed to pay those damn bills! Lol this year Im trying to get back into it. I just bought the Blade Inductrix FVP and I love it. money is of course tight but I did build my first...
  18. R

    I can give out a few frames!!!

    Check out the Spidey at randbranddesigns.com!! It is meant for a super light sub 240g race quad. Let me know if you are interested!
  19. Q

    The drone of a Drone

    Hey everyone, I am fairly new to drones & quad copters.. I started flying Mini 3 and 4 channel RC Heli's around my office a couple years ago. The batteries all died and they stopped working. After about a year the itch came back when I saw one of Steel's FPV Acro videos. My first venture...
  20. Stefs Engineering

    Autonomous paramotor for aerial filming

    Autonomous paramotor (Opale Hybrid 5.2) Ey guys! This is my first real post (besides the "mandatory" introduction post) and am excited to share my new project! So I bought a wing from Opale almost 3 years ago, planning to build a cool camera platform but unfortunately I did not find the time...