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What FPV goggles to get?!


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OK after completing my first racing quad, and flying LOS for a couple of weeks, i can safely say that im ready to get into FPV. My budget is 350$-400$. I was set on going to HobbyTown and getting the attitude v4's but i have seen that the Dominator v3's are a better choice because of diversity, and the abilty to change moduels, but im worried about the stretch that the screen would have when using a 4:3 camera. So what are your thoughts? attitude v4 or dominator v3's ?


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I don’t think the Dominators come with a module. You’d need to add a single or diversity receiver. I have Attitude V4s with a Tru-D diversity module, an omni pagoda and X-air patch. That setup is ~$470 all in ($350+70+30+20)

You may also want to consider the Aomway Commanders. They come with true diversity stock.


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Id go with the newer Skyzones to be honest. I don't see Fat Sharks being such a great deal when they are so expensive and then you STILL have to go buy receivers for them AND hack them so you can have diversity. I think they only sell so well because there are so many bandwagoniers these days when it comes to gear.

Id love to get a new set of Skyzones like LeDrib has. I have the 01 V2's and they have been super for me zero complaints. I just want the added spectrum analizer and the added dvr so I dont have to cart extra gear and have wires hanging around my face. Some of the few places I get to fly can be fussy about channel choices specially if I try to stick to just 25 mw vtx settings.
The Aomway Commaders seem to be a good option. You can get the V2 for ~ 310$

If you really need to get one of those two, I would recommend the Dominator V3s because they have the switchable modules.


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I've got the Attitude V4's, and I'm really happy with them. The standard Fatshark module it comes with is "meh", but it's good enough until you need to make the jump to diversity, in which case, $80 for a True-D diversity module, which is pretty much plug n' play, will work nicely.

Now, just a question - have you thought about the box monitor style headsets, like the Quanum Cyclops V2? HobbyKing has them on sale right now for $44. I'll be the first to admit that they're not as compact as a set of Fatsharks or Aomways, but the picture is really good on them, you can use a 2S-3S battery with either the round connector like the Fatshark batteries use, or a 2S battery w/the red JST plug, or a 3S battery with XT60/EC3 connectors, as it comes with adapter cables for those types of batteries.

It does not have a DVR or diversity like the Fatsharks, but they're a great first headset. I flew them for almost a year, and I still have them; they've been relegated to my backup headset for people who are wanting to go for a ride along. :) The scan button works great, plus has the ability to change up and down on channels. I'll admit that they're not the best goggles ever, but at $44 for a set, they're a helluva price point...
Eachine Googles Two, and add the Eachine ProDVR to it (a couple of solder points and cutting some foam) and be done with it.

Out the door and flying FPV for less than $150
Not sure of your eyes but for me I cannot use regular FPV goggles, I had to go to the box style. My eyes could not focus on something that close to them as regular goggles.


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Not sure of your eyes but for me I cannot use regular FPV goggles, I had to go to the box style. My eyes could not focus on something that close to them as regular goggles.
I've heard quite a few people say that, and I understand that...Out of curiosity, what box style goggles do you use? I've got a pair of Quanum Cyclops v2s as my backup/ridealong rig; I bought them as a first pair for FPV because they were $50, and I couldn't beat the price for what they did..They're not the greatest (no diversity, no DVR) but the price for the quality picture and weight are pretty good!
I actually have 2 sets the first Quanums that came out and the Quanum 2`s both I installed diversity receivers. I do like the elastic head straps on the first Quanums better then the rigid straps on the Quanum 2, the magnification lenses in the gen 2`s are much better then the gen 1`s.
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