first build

  1. J

    First build - unsure about parts

    I have finally obtained all of the tools and parts I think I need to build my first FPV quadcopter, but now I'm unsure if I picked the right motors/ESC's/batteries to get it flying. I would greatly appreciate any feedback on parts that won't work. Initial build: - H250 ZMR250 250 carbon fiber...
  2. bpw823

    First Airplane - Laser Cut FT Storch

    Over the past few months, I've been held down by end of school study, FIRST Robotics, and other commitments, but I've finally been able to complete my first 'scratch' build. Using the laser cutter provided by a Design Studio at a local vocational technology school, I was able to CAD trace the...
  3. C

    Bushwhacker First Build

    I was curious, what is the biggest (reasonable) battery that i could put in the bushwhacker, and about how much flight time would i get out of it? Thanks
  4. D

    First Fixed Wing and First Build: FT Tiny Trainer

    Well, I went ahead and did it. I ordered a FT Tiny Trainer. This will be my first build and fixed wing. I have a Taranis Plus and use it to Fly ZMR 250. I can not wait to get the kit and see how this goes.
  5. mavrik12

    My first Quad Build "little red"

    First Quadcopter Build ZMR 250 I'm not the newest person in RC but I din't really jump in until last year. I did some stuff in 7200 mhz days but after that I fell out. I got back in and now I've built my first quad and I love them. It's now my new obsession and I foresee a lot of money...
  6. L

    Stik S1500

    Hi guys I am building my first ARF and have it almost finished. I am using an electric motor and 3s battery as I have that in my kit so the guy at the model shop gave me the biggest about 620 with an 11/5 prop I think. I put the marks on the wings for CG at 86 and to my horror it fell backwards...
  7. M

    My First Multirotor

    Hey guys I wanted to share with everyone my experience building my first multirotor and some of the things I did to get it in the air. I set this up to be 2 person so I can fly it and someone else work the camera. First Id like to say this was built with the idea of moving some of the parts...
  8. M

    First Quadcopter Build, Too much thrust??

    Hi im planning to build my first quadcopter, i have no experience with these. However, i have read multiple articles and etc. so i feel like i have the basics covered, i also have experience with electrics and programming. My plan: I want to build my frame from wood, just like the flitetest...
  9. TexasTeacher

    Busy Weekend

    Well apparently building the FT Mini Scout SBK yesterday got me alllllll excited I scratch built an FT Flyer today. It did not turn out perfect, but not horrible. Now I just need to get electronics for the Flyer and I can go fly 2 planes. Woot :cool::applause::o:D
  10. E

    building the FT Mini Scout in Europe

    (i just want to say that i am dutch and i have dyslexia so sorry for my bad English) I want to build the FT Mini Scout, but becoase i live in Europe(holland) i probably need to wait a long time before it is delivered, and i have the same problem with the all in one electronics pack. becoase of...
  11. SamCollings15

    First Ever Quadcopter Build!

    Hi I am 15 years old and I am looking forwards to building myself a Quadcopter. Christmas is coming soon and for Christmas I am going to have a confirmed £150 to spend and I would like to put that money towards a Quadcopter. I am not worried about crashing it as I have flown them on simulators...
  12. Vampircorn

    Help on my first multirotor

    Hello! I am trying to build my first multirotor. I have always been in love with RC aircraft, but never had space to fly planes, and now with multirotors becoming more common, I have decided to try and build one for myself. I am looking to build a simple quadrotor that I can put FPV equipment...
  13. Greg2B

    Mini H Quad First Build Log

    So two motor mount breaking crashes with the Turnigy Micro Quad and I'm ready to build something a bit stronger. The frame I'm using is Super Simple Mini H-Quad from polakiumengineering which feels a lot stronger then what broke. I actually ordered two different frames but this one came in...
  14. I

    First Foamie Setup

    Hello all, I am very new to RC and hope to gain some insight from you more experienced flyers. A buddy and myself are going in on this project together, and after doing our homework we've come up with this list from hobby-king...
  15. F

    Building the FT Versa Wing

    I was thinking of building the FT Versa wing as a scratch build. This will be my first scratch build and I don't know how much foam board I will need. I have a couple of pieces of Office Depot foam board, will that work? Also is the Versa Wing a good first scratchbuild? Thanks for all the...
  16. S

    Noob needs help on first build! Please and thank you! :)

    Hello everyone! Sorry moderators, i didn't know which forum to post this in. My name is Serg From Toronto, Ontario Canada. I am 24 years old and i have great aspirations of becoming a real pilot some day.... But for the time being, RC keeps a Big smile on my face. I currently own only a...