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FT viggen question

Hello, this motor seems a little too big for this small, light jet. I would go with somthing along the lines of an eflite habu motor. This would probably be better suited for this jet.

Hope this helps-Ryan
It's not the weight of the edf that is the problem, it is the battery you will need. 6s batt's are not light and if you do find one of a comparable weight to the recommended 4s it will be too low a mAh rating too work.
Yup, the standard 70mm EDF is great for them and not too costly. I have the remains of my HobbyKing Stinger II for mine. It had a 4S fueled 64mm EDF and I'm sure it will be plenty. Heck I fly my light Viggen on a 2208/12, +/- 150W motor and it has lots of "get up and go".