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FT Kraken Accessories - Where are they?


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See at 17:06 until about 17:45

My brothers and I are eager to see what accessories are available for the Kraken! We're just about done building three Krakens (one for each of us) - I flew mine last night. What a joy to fly! We're all excited to try flying our Kraken trifecta in formation, fpv, etc.,.

Sure would be grateful for some input from flying monkey or anyone in the know. :)
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OLD Thread, same question. In a couple videos Josh mentions all the "cool" Kraken accessories including but not limited to FPV pod, bomb drop/cargo bay etc. Are they still going to do that? Just started on my Kraken (I absolutely love flying my BNVersa so this is the next logical step right? :) ) I can certainly come up with my own accessories but I'm interested to see what the FT crew came up with. Or anyone else for that matter!

Also, I'm building a tractor config, but did anyone ever have any luck on a pusher Kraken? I'd like to see a photo or vid of one.