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  1. A

    ElectroHub - No Power to motors

    My ElectroHub Quad (MWC Flip 1.5)has flown successfully but having recently repaired it, I've not been able to fly it. Upgraded to Lemon-RX with Stabilizer. Bound successfully. But, now when hook up battery and turn on TX, cannot activate motors. Lights ok on RX and MWC but no motor...
  2. LandBasedMammal

    Tiny trainer power options

    Hey Flite Test fans, I'm looking for opinions on the many choices of power packs and components for the Tiny Trainer. I would just order from Altitude Hobbies but they have been out of stock for a while...these kits are super popular apparently:applause:. I've followed most of the links...
  3. devindied

    Tough Tilt Tricopter Motor suggestions

    Hi guys, Looking for motor suggestions for my new tricopter build. I want a motor with loads of power, capable of 4s, and able to spin a commonly available quad prop(counter rotation, bolt on style etc). I've been looking around on hobbyking and can't seem to settle on one. The motors...
  4. R

    Can You Use 4s Battery on 3s Motors

    I'm building a mini quad and bought a 4s battery not knowing the motors where 3s. The esc's are rated for 4s so I go a 4s battery and relized today the motors are for 2 to 3s, will this work or should I use a 3s battery.
  5. D

    beef motor at full throttle position cutting in and out

    Hello to all :-) David < Newbie to Forums, I have a Beef motor set up in the FT-3D and at full throttle position the motor is cutting in and out and runs slower ? is this some over speed protection , then does this mean that my initial throttle set up with the transmitter and receiver is not...
  6. H

    FT Duster-Maiden help?

    I had my maiden flight today with my duster however it does not want to climb very well I have a turnigy 1450kv motor running on a 3s 1300mah lipo with a 7" prop Ideas?
  7. Sammy

    NTM motors for the tricopter

    Hi guys, In episode 9 of the podcast I heard that the DT750 and the NTM motors appear to be the motors of choice of the Swede, so who am I to disagree? I'm rather new to the hobby, and ordered a BatBone tricopter kit (looks rad with firetruck red booms!), along with most of the electronics...
  8. L

    "Tricopter 2.5" tail motor issue, perhaps

    Hi all, I'm a noobie that was inspired by David's tricopter 2.5 blog all that time ago. It's taken me until now (or rather until 2am last night) to finally build it. Everything went extremely smoothly and I was very pleased with myself :p I've been setting up the TX and testing the motors...
  9. S

    Flexible electronics spec when moving from beginner to intermediate airframes

    I have spec'd up the following from combining various articles on forums and info from YouTube over the past several weeks, and would like the perspective from the professionals on here as to whether it will be suitable for use on the below airframes. I am looking to limit the cost when...
  10. H

    HexTronik 24g 1300kv Motor Questions

    Hi all; long time lurker, first time poster here :cool: Watching the FliteTest channel on YouTube got me really interested in Quadcopters, to the point where I'm now looking into building one for myself. I'm putting together a parts list loosely based on the build articles and parts...
  11. RC-Sweden

    Bat Bone build

    Hi people, my first post here :) I'm going to start building a Bat Bone tricopter and need help to decide on which engines and length of the wooden arms to use. Thought of using DT700 motors but on the motor mounts in the kit it says that the maximum weight should be 45g :confused: Also...
  12. amtpdb1

    prop motor combinations you have used

    It would be nice to have a listing of different prop/motor combination that have been used and how they worked. I am buying motors and props for the new planes, but don't know what to buy. In the videos it seems that sometimes they use a different prop/motor combination then is suggested. There...
  13. S

    SK3 2822-1275 Motors for Anycopter Quad?

    Hi! I'm building a quadcopter using the anycopter quad kit from Flite Test's Rotor Bones series. So far I've assembled the frame, however due to the recommended motors (Turnigy Park300) being on backorder, my order for electronics from Hobbyking has been on hold for some time and I've been...
  14. H

    Choice of motors for quad-copter build on anycopter frame?

    Hi! I'm about to order electronics to build my first quad-copter with the Anycopter frame and of course Rotorbones, but have a question about what motors to choose. The awesome guide provided by Flitetest lists the Turnigy Park300 1380kv motor, but it's currently backordered at Hobbyking so...
  15. F

    RC blimp for Aerial Video

    Hey all, I have been asked by my church if I could do dome aerial video work for them at an up coming event. They first asked if my airplane would be able to fly in a 800 person arena. I said it could, but it would end up hitting a wall and fall onto people. I did mention to them that I have a...