Laser cut foldable quad frame build version 2


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Hey guys,

I wanted to share my laser cut quad frame build with you to get some design input and gauge interest in this type of design. My version 1 can be found at and

I've gone over the improvements of my design in this post:

All of the part are bamboo built by ponoko and my original design challenge was to make a cheap frame that required only minimal of hardware to build: M3 screws, zipties and nylon spacers (both cheap and one very easy to source).

So let's build!

I used metal M3 hex screws to assemble the quad pivot.

IMG_0138-1200.jpg IMG_0139-1200.jpg IMG_0140-1200.jpg
Applying some blue locktite

IMG_0141-1200.jpg IMG_0142-1200.jpg IMG_0143-1200.jpg IMG_0144-1200.jpg IMG_0145-1200.jpg IMG_0146-1200.jpg IMG_0147-1200.jpg IMG_0148-1200.jpg IMG_0149-1200.jpg
Trying to get some tension on the zipties to hold the landing gear securely

IMG_0150-1200.jpg IMG_0151-1200.jpg IMG_0171-1200.jpg IMG_0172-1200.jpg IMG_0173-1200.jpg IMG_0174-1200.jpg IMG_0175-1200.jpg IMG_0176-1200.jpg IMG_0178-1200.jpg IMG_0179-1200.jpg IMG_0153-1200.jpg IMG_0154-1200.jpg IMG_0155-1200.jpg IMG_0156-1200.jpg IMG_0157-1200.jpg
Secured the ESC to the plate using zipties

IMG_0183-1200.jpg IMG_0184-1200.jpg
The two bottom ESCs are ready, feeding the top two ESCs through.

IMG_0185-1200.jpg IMG_0186-1200.jpg
Secured the top ESCs with zipties and completed the core assembly using nylon spacers

IMG_1367-1200.jpg IMG_1368-1200.jpg
The bottom plate has a convenient Velcro strap anchor for the battery.

Here is a side view of the completed ESC sandwich. I use a lynchpin to secure the Quad for flight since it can be folded.

Placed the KK board on some foam (from its packaging) and mounted it using some leftover zipties.

IMG_1362-1200.jpg IMG_1363-1200.jpg IMG_1373-1200.jpg
Used zipties to cleanup the cabling, the booms have little ziptie anchors that make this very easy. In this build I used spare zipties terminators to give it a nice clean finish like on the landing gear.

Secured the RX using a ziptie and a leftover ziptie anchor.

IMG_1365-1200.jpg IMG_1366-1200.jpg
The gopro fits perfectly between the plates (I have a nice collection of nylon spacers to achieve this). The Velcro strap keeps it safe here... This wasn't my design intent but it's a nice little feature, I will test its robustness on my maiden.

IMG_1370-1200.jpg IMG_1372-1200.jpg
Folded quadcopter for storage.

Deployed quad ready to fly!


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WOW, this is awesome! Is the quad sturdy enough? I would believe that the round slots made it kind of fragile... Maybe not?

How are those three blade props working for you?


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Yup, the material is definitely sturdy enough. Caveat: it can't obviously match 10mm booms but I was pleasantly surprised. The 3 blade props are working fine. They were cheap on HK ;).


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I DO like the motor mounting method a lot!

Note to self: GET my ShapeOko set up and cut something!