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  1. T

    tail booms and t tails

    I have been building and designing for some small amount of time and I find myself quite fond of single boom pushers. I'm not sure why i like them protection for the prop and simple nose to repair on impact probably weigh in. the problem I've found is that the combination of t tail and tail boom...
  2. T

    Saab JAS 39 Gripen

    Update: The sketchup plans are good, increased the length of the slot for the wing. Here are a couple photos of it taped together to test fit the parts. Been really kicking the idea of building a pusher jet. Started hunting around for three view drawings and found this as a good candidate...
  3. T

    Versa pusher Power Pod adaptor

    === OP start === I am building a simple 15cm wide center section for the versa wing that will allow the placement of the power pod in either direction without changes to the pod or airframe in order to make it truly swappable. When I am done I will make plans available and submit an article...
  4. B

    Add pusher power Pod to Simple Soarer

    I am about to build a SS as project to entertain me as I recover from should replacement surgery. I plan on using it as both a tow launch and power glider. That said, I am toying with the idea of adding a power pod above and just aft of the wings. Something similar to the Bixler (II). So...
  5. N

    Swappable Pusher Trainer

    I am not sure if this is the best place to request this, but I was wondering if there was any plans to make a pusher trainer swappable. I have built the Nutball, Flyer and Old Fogey, but really love pushers for their slow easy flying. Let me know! I look forward to more scratch building! NateO
  6. eagle4

    My take on the Smash Drone

    There are some articles posted by CStence he called his plane the smash drone. i thought this could be a nice simple fpv plane that uses the powerpod. i'm making a few modifications along the way. firstly i'm not using the old fogey wing, i'm using my 40 inch armin wing i have from another plane...
  7. B

    Scratchbuild: Cheveron pusher wing. Simple KFm3 w/plans

    Hi Guys. This is my first post on the forums! I designed this foamboard wing as a nice easy to fly stable platform with the potential for FPV. I like it a lot, but I wanted to put the plans up to see what you guys think. I'm fairly new to building planes and I'm on about the 3rd version of...