Versa pusher Power Pod adaptor

Where do you want the battery?

  • Inside power pod via hatch underneath airframe

    Votes: 12 100.0%
  • On top using existing velco strip attached to power pod

    Votes: 0 0.0%

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=== OP start ===
I am building a simple 15cm wide center section for the versa wing that will allow the placement of the power pod in either direction without changes to the pod or airframe in order to make it truly swappable. When I am done I will make plans available and submit an article.

The center section will allow for 2 power pod placements.
Option 1: Default (Below the wing and tractor style)
Option 2: Pusher (above the wing and pusher style)

My question to the community is battery placement. Should I designate a section on the top that uses rubber bands and Velcro like the normal pod or have a hatch that allows you to place the battery inside the power pod?

There are possible design issues with both ... if it is on top the balance might be a bit tricky but placement and finding CG will be easier. If inside the pod via a hatch underneath I fear for the integrity of the center section but balance might be easier and it will be a simpler build that looks cleaner.
=== OP end ===

=== Completed Project Edit ===


What does it do?

The benefit of this mod is that you don’t have to own an extra set of electronics for your FT Versa if you want it to be a pusher. The adaptor makes the Versa fully swappable in both pusher and tractor mode. All of this is done with ZERO modifications to your power pod. It also give you A TON of space to add various equipment.


Who would want it?

Simply put, this mod is for people who want the FT Versa to be a pusher and it still be a swappable.

Be mindful that I don’t want to take away from the usefulness of the FT Simple Firewall which is your best solution for a pusher FT Versa Wing if you don’t want to add a center section. Please, please, please buy the FT Simple Firewall from the Flite Test store if you need it, it’s cheap and you are supporting Flite Test by purchasing it.

How was it created?
This project started out trying to find a way to mount the power pod on the vanilla version of the FT Versa in a pusher orientation but the mod required cutting into the wing that made it too fragile so it was decided that a center section had to be used. Earlier center sections started out at about 6 inches in width but once the blunt nose conversion kit was release by FliteTest, the same width the blunt nose kit used was incorporated into the design to keep the same CG and make it easier for the FT community to adopt.

Before you get started, make sure you have built the following:

What you will need (not including building tools):

Video on how to build, add optional features and the maiden flight

The plans come in 2 main pieces, the bottom and the top. The sides are built into the bottom piece and are joined with a B style fold. Once the B fold is established the top sits down inside. There are 4 spacer pieces that are used to keep the top in the shape it is supposed to be in while the glue is drying. Once the foam board parts are finished, 2 5cm long bamboo skewers are embedded into each side to reinforce it against stresses and then the wings can be attached.

Downloadable Plans: View attachment PusherPodAdaptorV2FULL.pdf

Don’t forget that you need to switch out the propeller to a pusher style propeller and make sure that it is facing the right direction!
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if you could put the battery in the power pod then have the cg of the pod matched to the cg of the versa should make an easy switchable system. you might have to stray from the original power pod design to get that idea to work ( i mean what i have suggested)the concept its a great idea! i teach alot of people to fly with the versa and it would be cool to switch it up from time to time i also imagine the tractor is a little more fair tempered to fly then the pusher with equivalent rates.

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I am 90% done with this alpha phase design and I can assure you that you will not have to make any changes to the power pod in order for it to work with all your other FT swappables and have it still work as a pusher for the versa. Now that I got to thinking it would be near impossible to feed the servo connectors out of the center section without some serious extenders so I will HAVE to make some kind of hatch to make that work so I might as well make it also work for the battery. The good news is that the pod width is just right to fit a battery and if you have already put Velcro all the way down the inside of the pod then you wont have to do anything special to place the battery.

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I completed the first prototype and I used the hatch battery load method and it works, but its a bit hard. It's not as easy as I would have liked but seems to work anyway. So far everyone has voted for the hatch method anyways so I will move forward with testing this revision (version 4). My customized build will have landing gear but I still make sure that the plans will allow both tractor and pusher.

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There are some minor flaws with the design in the images in the post above but it flies very well. I need to make a minor change how everything fits together, a change to the shape of the battery hatch, make CG marks and I will be expanding the width to match the width of the Blunt Nose conversion plans.

Hopefully the next revision is the final and I can upload plans for everyone.


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I just orderd some power pod kits from FT. Now I have to make some pushers too :)

Nice work.


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Anything new on your project?
I was thinking about a mini versa with a pusher power pod for some time. so I'm really interested, if you already tried it out or experimented further.

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Here is where I am at with this project...

I have full pdf plans ready to release that look just like FT plans.
I have an article about how to build it that is about 70% complete
I have the last version built but it has yet to fly.
I have raw takes on the build video

The reason for the delay is that I moved and then I found a great deal on FPV gear so I built an FPV ship instead of finishing the article. (I was way too excited about FPV)

What needs to happen to complete this ...

1. Test fly revision 5 (really it is just a formality, the previous revision worked near flawlessly but I like to stand behind my work with confidence).
2. Collect video for a review (I have a friend who built one based on my plans and the plan is to get air to air footage in both pusher and tractor mod so we've got to get together and make that happen)
3. Edit the build and review video
4. Complete the last 30% of the article (I will release a forum entry identical to the article because the articles take a long time to approve)


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oh that sounds great. can't wait to see the finished Article and footage.

If I can't wait long enough I gues I'll just build a blunt nose versa and stick the powerpod facing backwards to the underside for now. and when you release your article I'm gonna throw away/reuse some foamboard parts and build your design :)

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Just wanted to update and say that I got to maiden revision 5 today and it flew amazingly. Nosed down first attempt and had to adjust the up elevons a bit. The CG is actually about 1cm farther back than I expected but within the margin for flight. Like the blunt nose by FT it doesn't roll more than 90 degrees very well and the center section shape actually makes what would be an aileron roll more like a barrel roll.

R5 was most definitely the final revision and I will work on getting the article complete and the plans out. Unfortunately, my friend crashed his tractor style version before we could get footage so there is no air to air. He also had some mods to my mod that you will see are pretty clever. There is so much room in the center section the options are endless.

I will provide plans here for you now if you are itching to try it.

Full size plans: View attachment PusherPodAdaptorV2FULL.pdf

Adobe reader can tile this for you when you go to print ... just ask if you need help formatting to print tiled.

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The article has been submitted for approval. In the mean time I edited my original post with content I put in the article. Hope you like!