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Scratchbuild: Cheveron pusher wing. Simple KFm3 w/plans

Hi Guys.

This is my first post on the forums!

I designed this foamboard wing as a nice easy to fly stable platform with the potential for FPV. I like it a lot, but I wanted to put the plans up to see what you guys think. I'm fairly new to building planes and I'm on about the 3rd version of this one. I am very open to suggestions for improvements!

plans are in two parts (2x A1 sheets of foam) below:

View attachment G2 Wing 3.2 PRINTOUT 1.pdf View attachment G2 Wing 3.2 PRINTOUT 2.pdf

I haven't worked out how to reduce the amount of white space around the design when you print the plans tiled. (It's 30 sheets total... sorry.) If someone could tell me how to do that I'll gladly amend them

Also the plans don't have a key on them so I'll just run through what's what if anyone wants to have a bash at building it!

Green lines are cut lines.

Yellow lines are Bixler style control surface hinges. Cut halfway through, crack and fold, then take off some foam from one edge to allow the hinge to move. make sure the cut is on the bottom surface of the wing

Solid pink lines butt up against the balsa core

Dashed pink lines are the size you will need to cut your balsa to. Make sure you use the same width as the foam you're using (I use 5mm)

The black cross marks where the CG should be

Black lines are a guide for servos.

I use two batteries as this allows you to put them either side of the balsa core/motor mount

I'll put some pics up later today of how I've installed the electronics, but basically its a case of working out how far forward you need to put your batteries to balance your plane, cutting out recesses in the wing so you have a nice tight friction fit for them and the esc. The motor mount is just a piece of aluminium L section with some holes in it, this is then CA'd between the balsa and the foam so it’s solid. You can then either channel the cables or make a small canopy to keep everything tidy.

Let me know what you think!

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