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tiny whoop

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    Tiny whoop flight times

    Hey hey, so I just got into drones and picked up a premade tiny whoop, had 4 min flight times before and now they are just crap, 1 minute or less. I read the 1s lipos have like 30 cycles so I thought my batteries were done. Just got 10 new ones and same issue, so I switched my motors, no...
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    My Tiny Whoop only flies for 10 seconds - HELP?!?!

    I bought a Blade Inductrix and upgraded the motors to Tiny Whoop 19,000Kv, the batteries to Nanotech 200mah 35c - 75c 1s and added an FPV cam. It flew ok with no mods but now it will only fly for 10 seconds before it plummets to the ground. When I check the batteries the voltage is 4.00v so I...
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    Inductrix tiny whoop cutout issue

    Installed the inductrix board into a carbon fiber/aluminum frame with upgraded motors and fpv camera. Problem is, the power to the motors will cut out, where the camera will stay on but the lights on the controller board dim out and motors stop. Switching batteries work only sometimes. There...
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    Tiny Whoop Commissions!

    I am, as you can see by the title, doing Tiny Whoop commissions! If you do not want to spend the time, have the skills, or for whatever reason want to build one yourself, I am here for you! What is a Tiny Whoop? A Tiny Whoop is a BLADE Inductrix, with a FPV setup. These things are a blast to...
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    Spektrum fpv cam and vex question PLEASE HELP

    So I bought a VA2500 today in hopes of building a tiny whoop, but realized that I can't use this cam to solder directly to the board. So now I am unable to return the cam, but can't get it to power unless I use the stock servo plug. I want to put it on some micro rcs, but how do I power it? It...