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  1. C

    FT Versa DLG Prototype.

    So, I will start out with an apology. Mainly because I am new at this whole forum thing, but also, because I rushed this build. And, well, it shows. However, I believe I had some small success. I have been flying RC for about 3 years, but have always gotten my planes 2nd hand, and have only had...
  2. T

    Versa pusher Power Pod adaptor

    === OP start === I am building a simple 15cm wide center section for the versa wing that will allow the placement of the power pod in either direction without changes to the pod or airframe in order to make it truly swappable. When I am done I will make plans available and submit an article...
  3. eagle4

    Servo problems on FT Versa Wing.

    I am having some problems with the servo's in my FT Versa Wing. When they are connected to the elevons they buzz when I give them power. Also when they are connected to the elevons if I move them manually without power to them, they pop back to where they were, where as normally they stay where...
  4. knife-edge

    FT Versa Wing reverse power pod install

    I love the new swappable wing that Josh designed. In fact I like it so much that I want to get into fpv, but I don't want to mess with all my electronics and other stuff. They said on the review of the wing that mounting the pod on the bottom would not be a good idea, so I thought "why not just...