1. SP0NZ

    Versa/Blunt Nose/Pun Jet - MASHUP

    It's been almost two years since I destroyed my last Versa Wing. It was a pusher and I managed to fold the wings on it, it was a pretty spectacular event. Since then, I started to build a Blunt Nose Versa, but scrapped the whole thing after I found out my Turnigy 2200 mAh 3S1P LiPo's wouldn't...
  2. pinpoint45

    good 8 inch Prop for Versa pusher (powerpack B) ?

    I'm looking to build a versa pusher by the end of this month and I have everything pretty much sorted, except I am not sure what to purchase in the way of props. i know it has to be 8 inches. I want to be sure i get the right type and from a quality manufacturer. do you have any suggestions...
  3. B

    scaled down versa

    hey everyone. i just wanted to know if anyone has tried doing a scaled down versa wing. i was thinking maybe like 60%. i dont want to spend the money on new electronics such as motor and esc and all i have is the small 24 gram motor for my ft flyer. im worried that a full scale versa...
  4. T

    Building a FT Versa Wing

    Hello Everybody, I am brand new to the hobby and have decided that I would like to build a FT Versa Wing (I would purchase the FliteTest kit of course). But I need to know every piece of electronics I would need( I don't even have a transmitter). I have a list here so if you could add or...
  5. M

    Would you be interested in participating in an 'Open prototype' project

    void void:black_eyed:
  6. S

    Build my first one - FT Versa Wing, but it doesn't fly. Advice needed.

    Hi Guys, First of all. This is a really great community. I read some of the threads and articles after watching almost every FT video (and hearing half of all podcasts). I really really like the idea, which is embodied by Flitetest. I am nearlly new to RC and flown only 2 or 3 times with a HK...
  7. M

    Maiden of Modified Versawing & Motor Question

    Well, I maidened a modified versawing today. It being my first wing, I am definitely hooked! I am running a Turnigy D2826 2200kv motor on a 40A Plush esc and flew with a 2200mah 3s 30c lipo. Got about 13 minutes of flight and had lots of fun, but I am thinking FASTER can only be more...
  8. S

    FT Versa Pusher (setup?)

    All: I am a complete noob to the RC plane world and when my son showed me some videos of foam built planes I was hooked and look forward to spending time with him with the hobby. We plan on getting a Mini Slowbipe to learn on but want our second plane to be a FT Versa Pusher. I've already...
  9. I


    Hi ppl, I just have 1 question... I just built my first ever FT Versa Wing (1st plane EVER) and I need to know if it will work with my radio/transmitter. I have the Hobbyking (MODE 2) that was like $28.00... WILL IT WORK??? PLEASE SAY YES or I may need to find ANOTHER new hobby!!
  10. W

    Versa Wing Build

    How do you sinc a controller to the plane you built? do you just flip through the channels till one works?
  11. W

    Versa Wing Build

    I was wondering what would be a cheap controller that would work with the Option 1 setup for the versa wing? Any reply would be greatly appreciated thank you!
  12. C

    Normal or Blunt Nose Versa?

    Hey all, I'm going to get a versa wing at some point here, but I was wondering, should I get the blunt nose conversion too? This will be my third or fourth plane, and I have plenty of experience with bank-n-yank. After I get some line of sight stick time, I plan on converting it to my first FPV...
  13. flyingdreamz

    FT Versa Wing Pusher CAD Files

    I created these files in order to cut out some combat Versas on a CNC cutting tool. I did change the design a little, like full span spars, new wing tips, and removal of the swappable pod. Please do not distribute. Only for personal use. Design rights remain with Josh Bixler and Flite Test.
  14. OGBugsy

    Just wanted to say thanks.... all you guys at Flite Test, for helping to renew my interest in flying rc and helping me to build two awesome new planes. I used to fly alot of rc helicopters but it was always very stressful flying $3k+ models around and a heart attack made me leave the hobby for several years. I just...
  15. S

    Versa Wing Electronics Installation

    I am in the midst of building this bird and have watched the videos but have a question on Rx placement. I elected to put the servos on the top of the wing, am building a pusher so no power pod. Some of the videos I saw showed the battery mounted forward on the top of the wing as the CG is...
  16. S

    Versa Pusher

    In the build video Josh stresses that the numbers on the prop should be pointed in the direction of flight, or, towards the front of the wing. I ask why? What difference does it make if you mount them rearward and just reverse the rotation of the shaft???:confused:
  17. S

    Versa Pusher

    There used to be a good construction video on youtube by Josh for the Versa but it seems to be gone. Or maybe I am just using the wrong search argument. Can anyone point me to it?
  18. P

    Blunt nose versa won't fly

    Hey, I have a problem that is driving me mad. I recently finished building a blunt nosed versa (not kit, from scratch), but it won't fly! I had to add very much dead weight in the nose to get the cg right. However, when I launch it, it just dives like it would if it was extremely nose heavy. I...
  19. Random_rc

    FT Versa is always crashing

    Hello, i have build a FT Versa a while a go. i finally got round to flying it. when i launched it the first time at about 70 % throttle it went about 10 meters and nose dived right into the ground. so i tried again but with 100% throttle and it did the same thing. i did this about 5 -10 times...
  20. TehMaxwell

    Upgraded FT Versa Wing - I cannot believe my eyes!

    I have been wanting to upgrade the set-up on my Versa Wing for a while, on my original set-up (1600kv Motor, 8 by 4 Prop, 20Amp ESC, 1000mah 20c Battery) I was only getting five minutes maximum on flight times and had to fly at around three quarters throttle all the time. I used thicker 9mm Foam...