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  1. A

    Who Wants to Do a SMALL Favor?

    So I would realllllly like to enable ads on Youtube so that I can get a little kickback when I show my flight videos to friends, family, you guys, etc. HOWEVER, you have to have 10 subscribers, of which I have not. So do me this favor. Go to my video below, check it out (my first video from...
  2. A

    Battery on FPV Setup

    So I'm an FPV noob. Here's my question. I want to run my FPV equipment off of the same flight battery that flies my multirotor. What size battery will I need to step up to to run both and have a decent flight time? Flight setup Bat Bone tricopter Suppo 2208-14 motors 3s 2200mAh 20C battery...
  3. themajik1

    GoPro is going to make a multi!

    Looks like someone got upset that DJI is sourcing their cameras somewhere other than GoPro! http://gizmodo.com/wsj-gopro-is-going-to-make-its-own-drones-1663738793 Should be interesting!
  4. A

    LOS Fall Flight at Sunset (first aerial video)

    My first video! Check it out! I took this flying line of sight with my Bat Bone tricopter! Take a look! 10 points to the first person to spot the random cat to run through the shot. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3xSAa0sqNDc&list=UUmvHrbzqHUzDgdVuiEflXAA
  5. Maksym

    An Intro to Aerobatics Idea

    I think that it will be a good idea to specifically make a video in detail to advance the new pilots of the hobby to learn how to do aerobatic maneuvers. I'm also new to the hobby, only had five flights with the Dynam Smart Trainer. Now I would like to have some tips and tricks to impress my...
  6. F

    Flight of the F.T. 20 Dew Raptor

    you guys ask for it so here you go! http://youtu.be/kNzAPWHwHik
  7. C

    Funny Seagull Spacewalker Accident!

    Video I recorded a while back. I saw he came in pretty hot and close to the fence, I wanted to see him taxi it back. I'm sure glad I did! Plane suffered absolutely no visible damage. Funny video
  8. kah00na

    Camera, OSD, and VTX Wiring Layout

    Will this wiring layout in the picture work? I want the OSD to show the current voltage of my main 3S or 4S battery and I want it to show the voltage behind my UBEC. I have a HobbyKing E-OSD that can show two voltages on the screen. It says it only does 2S and 3S but mine works with 4S...
  9. D

    FPV in Switzerland

    Hey guys. I wanted to show off a bit of the beautifull switzerland through my fpv vids. Enjoy :D
  10. jaskoller

    Go Pro Protection Question

    I'm a complete noob to the fixed wing hobby. However, I've been flying heli's for 10 years or so. Never FPV but many with my gopros for video or photography. My question is, why do the flite test guys and a lot of viewers NOT use the gopro cases for protection? Is it weight? Or aerodynamics...
  11. R

    Sharpening my FliteTest Blunt Nose Versa Wing

    This is my FliteTest Blunt Nose Versa Wing during the first week of flying and shaking it down. I had a perfect maiden flight day. It took off an flew absolutely perfectly with no trimming required whatsoever. The beginning of this video pokes fun at how my overconfidence and carelessness led...
  12. B

    Pass the Transmitter

    I did my maiden flight of my scratch-built FT Viggen today. I built it as a pusher with a Turnigy D2826/6 2200KV motor, 40 amp speed controller, 3s 2200mah battery, and an 8x4 prop. I just ordered the components, and In the next week or two I'll build one with an EDF. After my flight, I...
  13. C

    FT Quebec

    Hey guys, sorry for the french... Bonjours a tous, je me demandais si il y en avait à qui ça tentait d'essayer une expérience unique et de partir un channel FT Quebec (un peu a l'image de Flite Test Argentina)? bien sur il faudrais l'accord mais je pense que c'Est possible à réaliser! Laissez...
  14. Airwolf

    FOX-800A 1,2GHz VTx - Problem?

    Hi, I have a problem with my FOX-800A 1,2GHz VTx I bought a few months ago from a second-hand. It only seems to transmit on a single channel - no matter which channel I choose receiver gets video only on a channel 2. It's also very sensitive to any obstacles and antennae positions (even if the...
  15. P

    Ferrite rings for better video with FPV ?

    Do Ferrite rings really help with better video signals for FPV? Should they also be used with all the servo wires for a generally better flight?
  16. Z

    Videos on Josh Bixler's full scale Pietenpol?

    I would love to see some update videos (or something similar) for Josh Bixler's full scale Pietenpol air camper! I'm quite interested in full scale aviation and would love to see what's happening. :D
  17. unzapped

    Bat Bone V-Tail FPV/Video Setup Review

    Hello! First post. THANK YOU for all of your contributions; multi rotor flight has come along way in technology and reduced price over the last 5-7 years. What was out of reach then is here NOW! I am interested in rc flight mainly for aerial video and photography. I am interested in quads for...
  18. J

    Little video I put together with my quadcopter

    This is my first video ever with my GoPro and the first video I have made so far using my 350QX.Filmed it about a week ago. Took a week to edit and put together. I used my GoPro 3+ Black and my Blade 350QX. I didnt use a stabilized gimbal, just the stock mount. I had a lot of fun making this and...
  19. D

    Looking for a good Combo Rotors/ESC/Battery for video making

    Got the Tricopter frame . Now I need to find the right Rotors+ESC+Battery to get a smooth and long flight Thanks for your advices ;)