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  1. J

    FPV Issues

    So I managed to build my own racing quad, and everything works but the FPV. I had it working for a few days, then I broke my Transmitter. I ordered another transmitter, and it worked for about 3 seconds, then all I got was 'no signal' So i tried a new camera, and still nothing. I tried a third...
  2. S

    Recording FPV flights

    Hi. I'm new to FPV. I want to buy a simple set up to go on my planes. I don't intend to race but would just like to record the video of my flights. From what I have read there appears to be three different ways of doing this and I would like some help in understanding the differences and...
  3. Snarls

    FinalGlideAus Plays Baseball?

    See if you can spot Chad (FinalGlideAus) in CorridorDigital's new short "Anime Baseball" Any other CorridorDigital fans out there? I know they're fans of FT.
  4. AkimboGlueGuns

    Big Bipe Aerobatics Showdown - 2015 Edition

    Howdy folks. When summer rolls in and the weather gets nice (as it is now) it's the perfect time to hone your flying skills. This also means it's prime time for a contest as the younger members of FT are out of school and nights are long enough to get flights in if you work during the day. This...
  5. D

    Early April Quad Flying

    My first video on my new channel. I fly racing drones and decided recently to edit some videos together and put them on the internet. Expect a lot more from my channel in the near future! Thanks!
  6. Andre

    Video Rig Upgrade

    Recently I added some hardware to my main video rig. While I'm still saving up to buy a proper video camera these small low cost additon allow me to continue to use my action cameras. When I was doing the Tundra project a few issues became clear. The first one was the lack of monitor. The tiny...
  7. S

    (Video) Aerofly, finaly back in the RC hobby! :D

    Hey, if you dont like long stories about random ppl (me), the video is down below :) so, im new to RC. or... actually i've flown ALOT on both aerofly and realflight, but this was YEARS ago. i also never got my real rc planes to fly, me and my dad wanted to get into RC moddeling, we build a...
  8. Snarls

    Flying In The Forest

    Hey guys check out my new video flying on an abandoned trail in the woods. This was filmed at the tail end of summer, but I just got around to editing it. My radio has a range problem so that's why I'm only flying such a short stretch of trail. With my new Taranis I'm hoping to fly the entire...
  9. L

    Quadcopter AP demo

    Collected a few clips from various runs with the Yuneec Q500+ and CGO2+ camera.
  10. Snarls

    A Lonely Field With A Lone Tree

    Hey guys, towards the end of the summer I took my miniquad and mountain bike and started riding down a trail close to my house that I had never gone down before. The trail is overgrown at the start and is about a mile long stretch until it runs into a road. Breaking off half way down the trail I...
  11. B

    2nd Quad

    Hey, on here some time ago I was told to get the Syma X1 for my first quad to learn how to fly and get the hang of things. I'm really enjoying this, and would like to start to be able to use a camera now for areal photography and video. I don't have any experience building, and don't want to...
  12. Andre

    SOOCOO C10 Action Cam (GearBest.com)

    Full disclosure. Gearbest.com contacted me after reading my Turnigy HD ActionCam forum post and asked me to review one of their new cameras. They covered the shipping costs but DHL still billed me $23 Canadian for "fee" and taxes. This is my first true "not purchased" product review. Now...
  13. I

    Golf Course Aerial Video - Cinetank Gimbal FPV

    I spent a few hours taking video and editing it for a promotional video for a local golf course. Check out the video, hope you enjoy it. The video is taken with a Cinetank Mk 2 quadcopter, and a tarot 2 axis gimbal with a Gopro hero 4. Thanks.
  14. Greg2B

    First time with an angled camera, Blackout Backyard Time Trials [Video]

    So I don't usually post my videos on the on the forum since I make them fairly regually and most are not that good from my perspective. But I thought this one might be a fun one to share since I tried to add a bit more fun into, sort of mimicking one of SilentGlovesFPV videos. Any thoughts or...
  15. K

    Tricopter V3 Build with Carry Case

    Hi guys! This thread is just meant for my own records and to provide information for anyone who wants it, I hope you enjoy it and if you have any questions or advice, please let me know. I chose the Tricopter V3 because it seemed to cover all the bases, fast and fluid flight, good aerial...
  16. I

    Good Aerial Photography Quadcopter

    I plan on doing some aerial photography during the summer, but my only multirotor at the moment is a FPV250L. I want to upgrade to something a little bigger and more reliable. I want to be able to carry a gimbal and gopro as well as my fpv gear (I already have a gopro and fpv gear, but i need to...
  17. JamesWhom

    Starting a new RC Youtube Channel?

    Ever wanted to set up an RC focused Youtube Channel? I've just started my own RC youtube channel and was wondering if anyone has any tips for me starting out, to help me gain traffic and build up an audience. Maybe these tips would be good for helping other people to do the same...
  18. D

    Idea for aerial video episode

    hi all, I really loved this week's episode with Eric explaining some principles of aerial videography - I can't tell you how much value it adds to my hobby time when experienced guys care enough to go into depth on their subject of expertise. It gave me an idea for a future episode which...
  19. H

    Cool Video from CES 2015

    Check out this video from this year's CES:http://www.cesweb.org/News/CES-TV/Video-Detail?vID=UN64IwzGXIpg&dID=DliGIusJiD1C&sID=OhYr3WpdgEMj
  20. A

    Louisiana Sunset over the Treeline

    I took this yesterday with my Bat Bone and GoPro 3 White. It's taken line of sight at my house in Louisiana. I have to represent Louisiana well. There aren't a lot of us on here. My favorite shot is at around 4:40. Hope you enjoy! Don't forget to like and subscribe! Also, I would...