Bat Bone V-Tail FPV/Video Setup Review


Hello! First post. THANK YOU for all of your contributions; multi rotor flight has come along way in technology and reduced price over the last 5-7 years. What was out of reach then is here NOW!

I am interested in rc flight mainly for aerial video and photography. I am interested in quads for the tight places I can fly in. I intend to fly a GoPro eventually via FPV and maybe even further down the road Long range. I have a canon 70D but I wont put that in the air until I get my teeth cut and have several hours with the GP. I will need another airframe for that anyway.

The end game for me is that I would like to explore the monetary benefits of putting hi-def cameras in the sky. I love RC and I love running businesses that are non-traditional. I am in my fourth year running a photobooth that I designed

I have preliminarily decided on a bat bones V-tail after spending several hours of researching. Specifically, I like the increased yaw over a quad, increased lift over a tri, and it looks AMAZING.

The electronics I have chosen are:
KK 2.1 Flight Control
Turnigy NTM 28-26a 1200kv Motors
Turnigy Plush 30amp ESC
9047 Props Front
8045 Props Rear
Tarot brushless gimbal

I need some help with battery choice with this configuration. I also wanted to confirm that this design requires counter rotating props. Is that right?

In general, I feel that this a good setup I would also be interested if you have any ideas on what to watch out for with it or if maybe I should consider something different.

I plan to chronicle my entire journey with a series of videos.

Thanks in advance for any input you may have.

Peace out!


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Seems like a pretty solid setup to start with, as far as the power train goes. How do you plan on putting the gimbal and battery under the body? Be very conscious of where the center of gravity is no matter how you try to set things up. Stick with a 2200mAh 3S battery; its weight is manageable for the frame and motor/prop combination.

Keep it simple, learn it fly it well, and train your mind and muscle memory for orientation. Once you're good flying line of sight, then you can consider adding more weight and putting more money in the air with less risk.


Thank you for taking the time to respond! I think the position of the camera with the FlightTest battery/camera mount is great. My plan was to somehow mount the gimbal to maintain that same position; omitting the camera portion of that mount. I had also planned on some sort of extended landing gear to get the height up a little, though if I keep that same camera position the stock gear might work. I plan to fly with a mockup gopro, same weight and position. I used to race nitro boats, and have logged several hours in sim for heli and plane. My orientation might be a little rusty but I think I will get it quickly. It is amazing to me that I haven't flown really before... I did have an opportunity to fly a friends mini quad indoors and I was able to land in challenging places and fly around/hover without crashing.

Thank you again for taking the time... Last question, with the battery you suggested... is it reasonable to expect a flight time in the 6-8 minute range?