!00" Foamboard Specter V2 Build Log


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Put in a good chunk of work yesterday and today, here's where I'm at.

I cut slots in the wing for my booms and stick style motor mounts. I then took some paint stirrers and cut notches in them to a half inch to match the diameter of my booms so when I yanked down on the zip ties I fed through them I wouldn't be ripping through foam.


Next I installed my aileron servos. Hot glued on some tongue depressors, and just screwed the servos right to them. I then did same for the control horns.


Shot of the whole wing. I did the same steps on the other wing.


I then joined the two wings with the removable spar, and taped the underside together where it will be folding over. I needed the wing halves together to get proper measurements for the distances between the booms and motors mounts, before they were permanently glued/zip-tied in place.


Kitty inspecting my work, doesn't seem impressed...


I finished the evening off with installing the servos for the elevator, and hot gluing all of the tails edges. I also glued popsicle sticks on the bottoms of the tail that will be dragging against the ground.


All that's left now is joining the tail section to the wings, getting some pushrods banged out, soldering up and running my wires, and programming the radio. Hoping to get it done tomorrow morning so I can get it out for it's maiden, fingers crossed. Hopefully I'll have a video to post up tomorrow.


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I was able to get it all done yesterday by 6PM, leaving me just enough time to get a quick maiden in. Conditions were far from ideal, 15MPH constant wind at that time, with 20-25 gusts. I haven't had a chance to take pics of the finished plane, but we did get a bit of footage of the maiden. Unfortunately I forgot I had my phones camera set to the lowest recording setting, so the video is only in 320p. We also weren't able to get any shots of the landings, our hands were just to cold to keep the camera rolling through the whole flight.

I'll try and get pics up later tonight of the finished plane, for the the meantime here's some proof of flight!

The only takeoff we got on video is at 4 minutes in, there's a full throttle pass at 2:35.
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Nicely done Seberg, looks fantastic, and seems to fly even better! Shame she didn't get down in one piece, but at least these are pretty quick builds. What power setup did you go with? Also what camera is that you a recording with, a mobius?

I'm gonna take out the big boy tomorrow hopefully, and actually set my phone to 1080p recording this time. I just got notice that my Sony Action Cam AV100 shipped, so hopefully next week I'll be able to take some nice video for a change.


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Got out last weekend and was able to take a better video, high def this time, and got a landing on tape as well. Unfortunately autofocus lost it on a bit of inverted flght, but what can you expect with a phone camera. Enjoy.



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I have a NTM 28-30 1100 kv with 10x5 prop. 2200 3s battery. Mobius cam, actually had to look for camera for about 5 minutes before finding it. The planes weight is around 900 grams at the time. The motor/prop setup gave max thrust around 1200 grams. Not bad. Just replaced wing and FPV installed. Final weight now is 1008 grams. Should still fly nice. Hoping for some good weather now.

BTW, nice flight. I enjoyed watching the flight and following your build. Good luck flying in the future.


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You should use this for FPV! Looks cool. How did it go when folding 2 sheets of foam board at once?