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3Dlabprint planes

I have been printing the 3DLabprint planes since he started out with the spitfire. I have actually printed quite a few of them, and although they are heavier than a foamy they still fly very nice. We asked Stepan from 3Dlabprint if it was ok to print and sell his planes, and his response was once you buy the files you can sell as many as you like. So I guess I am testing the waters to see of there is actually an interest out there. I have seen many people state they would like to own one but don't have a printer or the know how to print them. The planes can be found here: https://3dlabprint.com/ . As far as price goes, I am not sure at this point. It would depend on which plane. The P38 would be around $140 as it seems to be the largest one to print, where as a Spitfire or P51 would run around $90.00. Something to keep in mind is that this is for the printed parts only, trimming, building, installing your electronics, and finishing/painting if you want would be your responsibility. I am sure that will not be a problem as we are all RC enthusiast, and normally build our own stuff anyways. The planes actually have an assembly manual also, and there are a lot of videos that 3Dlabprint has on youtube for assembly. I wouldn't be against assembly for a price, but shipping may be an issue as it would be larger and more fragile. Here are some examples of the P38. This one took abit longer to build but it was worth it in the end. Let me know what you guys think. Ill post other pictures of examples later on when I find my pictures I took. IMG_0085.JPG IMG_0086.JPG 1.jpg 2.jpg 3.jpg 4.jpg 5.jpg


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Interesting development. I was wondering what Stephan's policy was on printing for others but never got around to asking. Personally I figured if someone wanted one printed, I would ask them to purchase it from Stephan and print from their copy. That way Stephan would benefit from another person using his plans.



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The P-38 looks sharp!

I'll probably end up printing that sucker out myself (I've got a Prusa i3 MK2S), but I'm glad to hear it flies well. I've always liked the twin engine planes, and the guys at my field are kind of against them ("Too much trouble", "what if an engine fails?", etc), but I've started with my Sea Duck and have been flying that with smiles all around, so why should the P-38 be much different? :) And yes, I know, heavier plane, different flying characteristics, but still, if it puts a smile on my face flying it, does it matter much? And if I crash it, ok - print another one out!!! LOL


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Since donandtheresa hasn't posted since this thread a) I hope he's ok and b) is this still a thing?

If not, Is someone else willing to print these airplanes for similar pricing?

I have been looking at the stearman for several months now and the thought of a month of signing out the 3d printer at the library and printing all the parts one at a time is getting less daunting the less access I have to printing an airplane myself.


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So what made it not worth it? the time to print? the time you had to spend setting up? or the cost of materials?

What was the most common plane requested?
The time involved, the price of materials was doable just too much of my time tying up my printers and having to be home while it prints. Also the fact that some planes warped do to heat while being shipped out of Phoenix. I sold 5 planes to Hawaii, 2 mustangs 1 spitfire 1 P38, and 1 Mig15. The p38 and mig 15 were never paid for so I sold them elsewhere. 1 to texas the P38 and the mig15 was local. Also sold 2 spitfire, 1 M6a, and 1 mustang here local. those planes took up all the free time I had for about 3 months straight. If I was retired it would be ok, but I do work a full time job with doubles so it didn't seem worth my time. Now I just print these for myself and a few local friends, along with designing my own 3d printed F-117.
Not for profit, just because I wanted it. That plane I will probably load to thingiverse for others to and print if it flies :)