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75% FT Goblin (strix nano goblin sized)

Ok I’ve cut and assembled a new build. Upon careful consideration, I realized Id made a noob mistake.

I had my elevons reversed on the pitch axis. Doh. The nosediving makes more sense now.

Gonna go charge and maiden and hope for the best.
I had posted this on the FB page yesterday and it there was quite a bit of interest. This isn't exactly a 75% FT Goblin. I made a few tweaks and changes to make it fit on a single sheet of foam. Builds pretty much the same as the FT goblin (or really any other FT plane). A few notes. I prefer to install the servos after the wing is slid in, but not glued in place. I added a small hatch on the bottom that can be opened to help with wire routing. Also I put marks on the spar as I cut the spares in half where the servos go after the spars in glued in but before I do the wing fold over. My intent was to build this to spec based on the strix nano goblin. I have a 1407 3500kv motor on order and plan to build a 2s li ion pack from some cells. AUW of the strix is 250g ready to go. I weighted this with all my electronics sitting on it and it was just over 200g. I have not flown this but I have built. I have a local flying buddy who is going to try and fly the first one I built while I wait for my electronics. I would think up to an 1806 would work well with this plane on a smaller 3s lipo.

I have used your great plan for STEM education materials. Thank you so much.
Also, I would like to make a prototype of a small VTOL under 250g based on this plan for education so learn both rotor copters and fixed wing aircrafts(see a link to ardupilot forum). And I would like to present this plan of yours at a conference, can I introduce and publish the plan here?