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Alluminium Tricopter

Roman. J.

Junior Member
This is my first rc project. I was inspired by flightest Bat bone frame.
I wander if somebody also makes their frames forom alluminium or other sheet metal.
This frame survived about 10 hard falls on Concrete before i had to replace tail, yaw mehanism is the first one i made for this model.

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Senior Member
Wow! That frame looks awesome!

I think most people build with what they have available. If I had an aluminum-cutting CAD machine, I'd build from aluminum too!

Roman. J.

Junior Member
I dont know about other locations, but here in Latvia you can find 5 - 6 companes that work as cnc hub. This is not expensive as it looks, about 25- 30 euro for the frame + 1.5 euro on alluminium squar tube for boom.


Dedicated foam bender
Actually, vibration transfer is a reason you don't see more metal frames. If you aren't flying for stabilized video(and yours looks darn smooth anyway), I say go for it! The design looks awesome and seems to fly super nice!

Roman. J.

Junior Member
Never thought about how much vibration frame can absorb, this is how it loocks on 808 #16 V2, with unbalanced 0845 props on a windy day. Using peace of velcro to mount camera.
Maybe i should balance props and motors some day, and mount motors on some kind of foam...
P.S. use HD mode in youtube settings.
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