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Alt. hold with the naze32 rev6 10dof pid settings


Junior Member
Newb to the forum, but a sub to the youtube channel. Just switched from cc3d openpilot to The naze32 rev6 10dof, and cleanflight which is a nice change. Ive done some research on how to tune the pids for altitude hold, but Im looking for someone that has pids for a zmr250 that I can start from? With the weather, I cant really go outside and start tuning from scratch, and theres not enough room in the house, almost killed our dog...lol...so I was wondering if anybody had some good alt hold pid settings I could borrow? Nice forum guys, love your vids, and am a proud owner of a Bixler v1.1, love that airplane.
Mike H. from MI.:cool::cool: