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AP Eazy (Pusher Trainer | FT Power Pack A or F | swappable)


STATUS: The maiden flight was successfully completed and the BETA-plan is published!

The AP Eazy is a Pusher Trainer that works with the FT Power Pack A or F. It has a FT Mini Power Pod. :D
If you want to build the Eazy with a 50mm EDF unit, you should check out the Eazy Ducted Fan!

WINGSPAN: 1000 mm | 39.37 in
DRY WEIGHT: 232 g | 8.18 oz
ALL UP WEIGHT: 335 g | 11.82 oz (with 3s 1250 mAh)




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Building Fool-Flying Noob
You had me at Eazy. I flew micro explorer (A-pack) version and realized I need to rebuild it and add ailerons. It serviced and was fun, but it only had rudder and elevator. Um... That was a bit difficult to not crash.

This plane looks chill but with a little speed.


Glad you like it! I wonder if it's flying as it looks? :confused:
I'm optimistic! Unfortunately, it's already dark when I get off work. I should probably add LED strips! :cool:

The Eazy is designed for 5" propellers.

The build plan is still in raw format.
If the maiden flight is successful, I will publish it soon - of course free of charge as always!


Building Fool-Flying Noob
I'll say, the great thing about pushers for a noob or terrible pilot like myself is the ability to crash (a lot) and still be able to pick it up and send it back into the air. If this comes out by the end of March, I Vow to Adapt and build a water version in April. (wing tip floats, or maybe just the Kwak!)

Can't wait to watch it fly.
I agree with FoamyDM. An A-Pack motor with a 3s battery provides enough thrust.
Look at the values:

Water Version? That sounds like you need a Seazy?!?;)

FPV? Yes, the camera could be placed in the front part of the power pod nacelle.


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This thing looks awesome! I might add this to my spring build list. Now, gota figure out if I wana do light and slow, or 4s red bottom fast... Good job on the build tho. FliteTest should team up with the community more and release the really good builds like this one on the store, make a couple FT videos on it. They said along time ago that they would be doing more community builds, I think that was Sponz's plane, the counter part to the bloody wonder, can't think of it's name. They said they were going to do more community builds/releases but didn't. With as busy as the guys are at FT, give Bix a break and give some love to guys like you who design amazing planes like this one.
This thing is great. KDobson I built something similar last summer, a pusher style modified tiny trainer with an emax redbottom on 4s and it was a beast! I need to build a new one and this looks like a winner! Thanks for the plans! Looks great for fpv as well!
Thank you all for the flowers! ;)

At 4s you should reinforce the Wing Spar with a carbon tube (max. 5mm diameter).
Maybe you should do this already at 3s to avoid bending the wing.

trojan js: Miner C infection? Luke Filewalker found … nothing!
Do you have the problem with only one file (which one) or all files?
Which AVG do you use? I will install and test it!
Which file do you want? I put the file in Google Drive and send you the link!
I am curious to see how your AVG will react to this!
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hi ...avg kicked in as the site loaded ,i was able to download the file before avg closed the site ..and avg cleared the pdf file as ok !!!
avg free version 18.2.3046 virus definition 180313-4.....
just checked again and the site loads ok ,may have been a false positive !!!