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basslord1124 RC flight and Flitetest journey/diary - Perkyplanes & RC

All right, so let me bring things up to speed....

To add to my long list of projects, I am now knee deep into the FT Edge courtesy of @mayan and my stubbornness and love for this hobby. I couldn't say no! If I die before the Edge is completed, it will be considered "unfinished business" and then I will proceed to haunt him. :devilish::p:D All in good fun!

Eh the Edge was going to be tackled at some point anyways, what better time than now. ;)

The Edge thread is here:

The only major thing left on the Profile Plane before balancing and the maiden is installing the aileron servo and linkages. I got the rudder linkage installed as well as foamboard reinforcements for the tail. Even after the reinforcements, the tail still has some flex. I think I will just add a pushrod wire to the bottom of the fuse OR a small wood dowel. Just something that is lightweight that has some strength.

The Duck still needs her repairs. I have a theory on the Duck that I haven't mentioned. When I flew it this last time I felt like she needed more trim than she did prior to the paintjob. I do know the plane sat untouched for quite some time in both hot and cold temps. I wonder if the heat loosened some of the glue. This is why I decided to try Titebond on the new Edge build. Regardless of this though, I will continue flying the Duck until she retires.

An update to the club situation... I went to our RC club this past weekend. Paid my dues and watched/recorded some races on our new RC dirt track. Youtube video coming soon for that. It was good to catch up with some of the guys, didn't fly anything as I really wanted to see the new track. My wife and daughter came along too which actually surprised me. I figured the heat and the lack of interest would keep them away. We stayed for a couple hours. Hoping next time I am out at the field I'll have some things to fly.