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Because of which Multi-Rotor are you here?

Which Multi-Rotor pulls you to this section?

  • Y6 - I don't like servos

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  • Octocopter - let's do it safe

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I found it fascinating that there were always about 10 people watching the Multi-Rotor section.
Because of that I would like to know why you are in this section.
Is it because you watched some tricopter videos of David Windestål and want to build one of those cool things too.
Or do you already have a quad, hexa or even octo?
Well just tell us and vote.
I hope I can allow multivotes for all the guys who own them all and already build the next one :black_eyed:.
Of all to the Multi-Rotors I only got a KK-tricopter but have started because of a MK-Quad.
Now vote ;).


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I watched flite test one day and was hooked they looked cool and a little easier than Helios to fly.
I have finally build my first tri copter and a quad is on the way ;)
Goto love the multi rotor


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I own a fpvmanuals tri, having some issues (mostly with me wrecking it) but it flys pretty good, just the basic KK setup right now. looking into a better board for a quad next.


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I'm cutting my teeth on my mQX for now, but I have a 400mm quad w/ FreeFlight control board on the way.

I can really spank my mQX, and I hope to tune my X400 (inspired by Wartox ) to fly just as aggressively, if not more.

I love this little acrobatic quad!
I built my 1st Tricopter "ages" ago (2 years) - gyro based 4 HK401B gyros - flies really good.

Then I moved to BaronPilot and MultiWii but it was very early and BaronPilot was better at a certain point - then the progress of MultiWii started to move on better. Have been flying it ever since...

It is not Davids fault in my case - working as a programmer its an easy step to take to AeroQuad, Arduplane, MultiWii and others. Can't wait to launch my fully autonomous UAV.
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Hi all! (First post)

I was wandering through YouTube, and happened to see some of David's FPV flights. My first thought was, 'Oh, thats awesome, but it probably cost $2000 to make or buy." I haven't thought seriously about anything RC since I was a teenager, when it seemed (to the younger me) to be all retired guys flying gas powered planes that looked verrrrry expensive. (I'm 38 btw, so we're talking about 20 years ago) So from looking through Davids build log and seeing the HK prices, I was completely shocked to see how much this was going to cost, which put this well within my budget.

Fast forward a couple weeks, and now the box full of HK tricopter parts is on its way! I have the body and arms ready to go using David's template. I absolutely cannot wait to get this thing going. I should note that this is my first 'real' RC project. If anyone wants to see vids of a complete newb try and learn this stuff on a homebuilt tricopter, let me know and I'll post some up.

Then from watching massive amounts of RC related youtube videos, I started watching the flitetest guys, with guest star David, and am now completely hooked!


Rotor Riot!
Hi all!

I have the body and arms ready to go using David's template. I absolutely cannot wait to get this thing going. I should note that this is my first 'real' RC project.
Welcome treadd!

Have you checked out the Optimized RCExplorer Tricopter Template?

It contains a few improvements to increase sturdiness in the frame, and it's also slightly more exact than the original pattern. Be sure to test it!

Here is the link:


Also check out this guide on how to transfer prints to the wood:

Whoa! Thanks colorex! I had not seen that yet. I still have enough material to make another body, and will definitely try the new design! THANK YOU!